MRCSS Monthly Meeting - March 2009

Southdale Public Library - Edina

Jeff opened the meeting at 7:15 pm with about a dozen or so in attendance. Several items were mentioned to include:

  • The SD Slope trip May 14th through May 17th.
  • Jeff reported on the progress of the Bee build session several of us attended with most at least partially done
  • Ray shared a technique he use to set the carbon spars, a window roller use to set screens.
  • Jack was asked of the progress of PayPal to use for renewals and sign up of new members.  At meeting time, it had not been activated as Jack had concerns about fees, etc.  The members present encouraged the activation of it as soon as possible.
  • Augie is to present LSF at the April meeting.
  • Spring Tune up is coming up May 23rd, and having any additional spring fun flys, with no dates set, due to the uncertainty of field conditions.
  • Questions about locations of flying fields were asked and who were the Field contacts, etc. Ben Hocker - Fricke, Bob Waldridge - Jirik, Kevin - HC.

There was a lot of questions and discussion regarding what type of contests would be of interest to the members, and who would be willing to CD them.  Electric gliders appear to be a big interest with a number of members, and what would be the protocal for participating in the current contests.  The possiblity of an Electric only contest or fun fly was discussed, as well as Hand Launch.  Steve Jantcher will try to coordinate this and the members approved the purchase of tubing and mono line needed for the launches.

An updated roster was requested as soon as possible, and Adam was interested in locating any club buddy boxes.


Steve Gaiser mentioned that he'd like to start a photo album of member pictures so we'd be able to put a face to the names we see or don't see.

The presentation of Winches and Retrievers by Jack started around 7:45.  He brought his electric winch along and presented a very thorough demonstration on how to set it up and operate it.  He also brought a couple of retrievers along, and explained the good and the bad points of their operation.  Retrievers can be very dangerous if not used properly. and are very fickle to operate.  He is very knowledgeable with both topics and through his own experimenting, construction challenges, etc, presented a very informative and interesting talk. Jack also talked about F3J, LSF, the in's and outs of these type of contests, with participation of a few experienced members. For show and tell, Steve Jantscher showed a couple of his hand launch acquisitions one being the Swyft, and explained setting them up with the gear, etc, and some of his early trials with launching them...

Meeting concluded around 8:30 pm.