MRCSS Monthly Meeting - September 25, 2009

Southdale Public Library - Edina

Call to Order - 7pm

Minutes from previous meeting

The members suggested a Fall Builder's Challenge, which David Engleson will discuss this evening.

Several suggestions were made regarding possible demonstrations the members would like to see at meetings or special events: how to build a spar, how to build a hotwire bow & power supply, how to make a vacuum bagging system, how to install servo auto-hookups, composite wing build from A-Z.  Members are urged to volunteer to host or make a presentation, so we can all benefit from your expertise.

Officer's Reports

We are looking for a contest director for the October 17th Post something on the website to see if we can find a CD, or otherwise it's a Fun Fly.  (Note:  There were no volunteers for CD, but there was snow on the ground during the scheduled event.)

Jack - received all member's checks & deposited them.

PayPal - Set up, but not on our website yet.  We discussed how to streamline membership information using PayPal data.  (name, address, etc.) by emailing the information the treasurer will get from PayPal to the membership director and webmaster, so membership cards can be sent out, and new members can be added to the email list more easily.

Jack discussed our expenses and income.  The treasury has approximately $3500 on hand.  When several suggestions were made for parting with some of those funds to buy equipment for the club, Jack reminded us that when clubs  start owning things, it starts becoming regimented, you start to need rules & procedures to store, maintain and set up those things, people have to be responsible for certain functions, and club participation becomes less spontaneous and fun.

New Business

Steve Janscher asked if the club treasury would pay for the food/entry fee at contests, and the club has agreed to do so.  The club will also pay for food at general events, and any local slope events.

David Engleson recommended picking the food for events up at Subway as well as bringing a cooler of beverages rather than having a cookout, since it's much less hassle, and costs about the same.  We all agreed that this was a good idea.

Just so it is clear, beer and burgers at Sandy's after the meeting is not considered a club event.  (Sorry.)  But show up anyway!  We have a great time.  (Where's Emil been lately?)

Greg Stinson asked about the condition of HC corn.  There is plenty of room to land, though the corn comes out further than before.  Parking will be on the side of the road near the cabin, and no longer on the field.

MRCSS Swap Meet at the October meeting

Milwaukee Trip next year:
Greg Smith has agreed to host a slope flying trip to the Milwaukee area next summer.  He said there are four flying sites, and every wind direction covered but west, which he says is rare.  More details later, when I hear from Greg.  I need to hear more from Greg!

Greg Smith has designed a new glider and will be selling it. 

Greg is running a Weasel Fest this September.

Greg Stinson talked about his upcoming gig at the Dakota, 7 pm on Oct. 15.  He plays bass in a 7 piece band.  It will be Oct. 15th, 7 pm.

Builder's Challenge Presentation - David Engleson

Rules and particulars will be posted to the website, and has been discussed on the email group.  The entries will be judged at the Builder's Challenge flying contest next May.  Builders are encouraged to give progress reports as their builds progress.

Show & Tell

Adam showed the plans for his new 3.7 meter Flair Schleicher K-8 kit and talked about it.  He bought it on eBay for $400.  It will be his entry for the Builder's Challenge.  He has a build thread on RC Groups for it.  He intends to fly it in South Dakota and at HC, as well as aerotow it.

Adam also showed his new Dynamic 40 molded DS glider from Joe Manor.  It is a small version of Joe's 160" Dynamic.  It's fast (250 mph) and tough.

Adam said that he also picked up a double carbon Trinity and a double carbon Bird in trades on RC Groups.

Greg Stinson showed us his 40" Gambler DLG.  He won 2nd place with it against hi tech molded competition in Chicago.  The wings were covered in transparent green Orocover lite.

Jeff Thompson showed his new $37 Turnigy balancing charger from HobbyKing.  It charges all types of batteries used for RC, has balancing jacks built into it, and comes with a variety of charging terminals.

Jeff also showed a battery bunker he made from a .50 caliber ammo box.  Each LiPo is separated from the rest using drywall board, and  plastic sandbags are placed on top of the drywall to extinguish a possible LiPo fire.  A hole is drilled in the lid for charging, and for ventilation.

The meeting ended at 8:30.

Adam, Ben, Steve Jantscher, Jack and Jeff went to Sandy's after the meeting for beer, burgers and BS.

Next meeting date: Oct. 15