December 2009 MRCSS Meeting Minutes


Call to order 7:14 PM 12-17-09

Club Member and New Business Announcements:

-A request was made for members to volunteer and create/run new events and demonstrations for 2010.
-The idea of hosting an open house to invite other RC clubs in the metro area was discussed possibly for March 2010.
-Mike Peterson, new club member introduced himself.  He flys mainly DLG.  The process for paying dues and how to get on the email list was described for Mike.
-Gordon Tennis and his 14 year old son introduced themselves as interested in joining so they could learn how to fly.
-The official vote for 2010 club officers occurred and the following members and positions were confirmed:
-Steve J, President
-Ed Berris, Vice President
-Jack Perceman, Treasurer
-Matthew Nolan, Secretary

-2010 field reps were confirmed:
-Ben Hocker, Elk River
-Mike Trutwin, Jirik

-Christmas cards for the field owners were signed.
-The idea of having club member Jim Porter come into town to lead a Saturday build session for the Topsky DLG build.
-Everyone agreed that the club should fund a hotel and per-diem expense for Jim Porter for this demo.
-It was confirmed that the Edina Public Library has been reserved for 1-23-10 for the Topsky DLG group build.
-Mike Glaser was congratulated for his efforts in 2009 with maintaining the club web site and email list, and was rewarded with a copy of Phoenix flight simulator and free dues.
-Discussion ensued about the quality of the Phoenix flight simulator.
-Steve Janstcher was commended for making a lot of progress over the year of 2009 with multiple types of glider flying and his enthusiasm for the hobby.
-Jeff Thompson was thanked with a round of applause for his hard work in coordinating the meetings in 2009.
-Dave Engleson brought up the official entry form that is now available on the club website for the builders challenge contest.
-Discussion of a fun-fly on the day of the builders challenge was also discussed.
-A call for volunteers to run the fun-fly was made, and that other clubs should be invited.
-A discussion  about the AMA and their park-pilot program was discussed for the benefit of the new attendees interested.
-Ed Berris mentioned the clubs tax exempt status and how he will maintain ownership of that process for 2010.   

Club Member Presentations:

-Mike Glaser discussed the new Pay-Pal feature on the web site for paying club dues.  More testing is required before it goes live.
-Jeff Thompson presented an aerial video shot with his key-chain video camera. Video was projected onto the big screen and was very impressive.  Airplane used was a Sig Kadet Senior which was also at the meeting for members to view.
-Jeff Thompson presented his DIY foam Tx mitt for cold weather flying.
-Jeff Thompson gave away a damaged battery analyzer.
-Paul Johnson had Sailplane decals for sale.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 PM.