Minutes of MRCSS meeting December 13, 2007 7p.m.

Edina Public Library, Meeting Room 22 members present
Next Meeting: Jan. 10, 2008 same time and place.

President Dave Engleson called the meeting to order and suggested that since regular meetings seem to sustain the club and produce a higher turnout for other activities, we may want to consider scheduling meetings throughout the summer months as well. Members agreed, but no formal action was taken. And again members suggested meetings should be enlivened by the presentations of aspects of our hobby: for example, aerial photography, new batteries and transmitter/receiver combinations, what it is that makes slopers so animated?

Our web wizard, Mike Glaser, is at work on changes in our web site, changes designed to make its use more intuitive, its sections more responsive and its images more appealing to all members, new or veterans.

Mike Tviet was introduced as a new member of the club. He belongs to MARCEE and a gas-engine club as well. Welcome aboard, Mike.

We then discussed and approved designing a new club t-shirt with an appealing club logo. Several members volunteered to get started. Dave showed a design he made to oohs and ahhs of approval.

Treasurer Jack Perecman reported that $200 Christmas presents were sent to owners of each of our major flying sites and lesser amounts to secondary sites. $1100 in all. A suggestion was made that we might want also to send a lesser gift to each in mid-year to show our sincere appreciation.

Paul Johnson reminded us that the annual club dues are $40 if paid by March 31. $50 after that. Enrollment for 2007 was 60 members.

The Upcoming Jan. 1 Lake Harriet Freeze Fly was then discussed. Flying for 10 a.m. to 1. AMA listed. No wet fuel. Trophy prizes. Safety must be stressed. Suggested we invite MRCEE and good weather.

To encourage more interaction with other clubs, members were urged to attend meetings of ACRC and MRCEE and tell them of our activities. Our veep, Larry Sorenson, agreed to do so.

Previous discussions of a club building project were solidified by Adam’s display of his partially-built GAMBLER hand launched glider. Inexpensive, easily built and good flier, this airplane was speedily accepted as the club choice. Larry Sorenson volunteered to coordinate the bulk purchase for a better price. About $70 each kit. Over a dozen indicated they were eager to join the GAMBLER GANG. If all goes well, a GAMBLER contest will be included in one or more summer contests. Next, one member urged, we might set up a slope trainer.

Final item of discussion was power plane towing of larger gliders. Such events require large spaces and coordination with power flyers as well as carefully built, complex sailplanes. This is a growing interest , and the club will return to discussions in future meetings.

SHOW and TELL brought out a wide array of planes. Dave showed his damage-proof 10 inch gliders for kids. Adam showed his 45 inch Stinger -- a slippery sloper. Kevin Kavaney his gorgeous, large Swift 36 scale and ready-to-fly. Jeff Thompson passed around his V Diamond electric pusher as well as a way to add lights to a Dremel, a pan/tilt device for airborne camera and fireproof safety bag for lipo battery charging.