Minutes of MRCSS meeting March 15, 2007

Minutes of MRCSS meeting March 15, 2007 7 p.m.

Edina Public Library, Ethel Berry Room 16 members present


In the absence of Ib Jensen, our current president, VP Layne Johnson took charge of the meeting.

Layne first welcomed two visitors to the meeting, Kathleen Payne and her son Shawn. Several members of the group helped explain in detail our activities. They emphasized ways we might help Shawn learn both the building and flying of radio controlled models. Larry Sorenson, keeper of the club’s practice models, agreed to give the enthusiastic Shawn some Assistance.

Discussion of the “Superfund” was next. These voluntary funds, donated by members to further reward land owners who allow us special flying privileges, have risen quickly, buoyed by $100 donations from some individual members. Paid membership report was next: so far, 29 members have paid the $40 per year fee. Those joining after April 1 must pay $50.

Bob Waldridge, club ambassador to our TD sites, reported that he has talked to the owners of Jirik and all is well. Bob is in the process of creating a map of the several Jirik fields so that we can more precisely identify, during the flying season, those portions available for our use.

A sizeable part of the meeting was then given to a description of and arrangements for the much-anticipated visit of Jim Porter. This well-known Iowan flyer/builder has volunteered a seminar on sailplane repair. Those attending were urged to each contribute $10 to defray costs for Porters drive from Iowa.

There was brief mention of Dave Engleson’s earlier suggestion that we consider a change in the club’s name, but no action was taken.

The remaining time was spent with show and tell and talk about

  1. Jeff Thompson’s French composite sailplane & a v-tailed Soprano.
  2. Adam Koller’s 5 ft. 3wheel land sail craft.
  3. Kevin Kavaney’s excellent wing construction for his huge SuperCub towplane.

Respectfully submitted,
Vern Bailey,