Minutes of MRCSS meeting December 20, 2006

Minnesota Radio Control Soaring Society
7pm Edina Public Library, Ethel Berry Room

Past business

- Meeting location – for 2007 the library has been reserved by Jack Perceman.

New business

- After reviewing our financial situation with Jack, a vote was taken to increase the landowner gift from $100 to $200 to the primary sites.

- Membership fee: $40 until March 1, $50 afterwards (same as last year).

- Some members expressed concern over the amount of money we give the landowners. Many of our “frequent fliers” would like to give them more but the budget does not allow for that. Rather than increasing the membership fee we discussed creating a “landowner donation” line on the application. These funds would be earmarked for the landowners only and distributed at the end of each year. The application needs to be revised to reflect this and the treasurer will need to track these funds.

- Also in an effort to be more proactive with our landowners, we should send each landowner a copy of the AMA insurance policy.

- The new email system is now working great. Thanks again, Mike!

- We still have no way to move over the archived Yahoo email to our new system. We decided to keep the Yahoo group “alive” until we have a solution.

- The Freeze-Fly is ON for Jan.1, 10 am at Igoe Field in Bloomington.

- The Christmas cards were signed by all in attendance. Kevin Kavaney added a touch of eloquence to each card. Thanks to Jeff and Kevin for making the arrangements. Rob H. to distribute the cards to the S.D. ranchers. Adam to meet Jack for gift checks.

- Dates to be proposed for all TD contests and the first S.D. slope safari in May.

- Date to be finalized for the Jim Porter repair seminar in March, 2007. Location will be Adam’s house. Kevin will provide accommodations for Jim. We will “pass the hat” to pay for his gas.

- Christmas cards for each landowner were signed a delivered.

- Adam showed-off his new Quick 30 Speed-400 pylon plane.