Minutes of the September, 2005 MRCSS Meeting

President Michael (Augie) Mckibben called the meeting to order and welcomed us to a new, temporary meeting place in the Edina Public Library. He explained the uncertainty of our meeting place for the next few months. We might possibly seek a new site - Byerlys new building in St. Louis Park, or Washburn High School, some other location or perhaps continue to meet here in the Edina Library. Dave Engleson suggested we stay with this same location for three or four months, if possible.

Certainly the rental price -- zero -- is right. It was moved and unanimously approved we would meet here in October. Meanwhile Ed Berris and Jack Perecman would scout other possibilities.

Augie then briefly summarized the short, informal club meetings during the summer months -- June, July, August. These meetings were held in the field just prior to each month’s competition. He asked if this seemed to be an acceptable way to conduct the diminished business of summer. There was general agreement this worked satisfactorily. Treasurer Jack Perecman reported a healthy budget. The bank account stands at $2,145.

Discussion moved to plans for Winter building projects, Ed Berris reported on the web note he had sent to club members inviting suggestions and prime interests. Several were considered: a few more sessions for those who had unfinished Mirage kits from last winter; eight or ten members were eager to find an EPP sloper project; and a group working on a small electric-powered glider kit was supported by several. Ed asked us to consider this topic carefully before the October meeting when plans will need to be firmed up.

New Business began with a reminder that Jirik is no longer a flight site. Sod harvest has reduced suitable areas to a few slim portions. Larger sections have been newly planted. We should consider Jirik off-limits to club members until sometime next spring. The fall contest set for the coming Saturday must be postponed and reset in another venue.

Our innovative public relations czar, Dave Engleson, surprised us with a stack of printed cards describing what/who we are. A card might be handed-out to any curious visitor at our flying sites. Some onlookers might be intrigued with our hobby and even interested in joining MRCSS.

Several members talked about the planned slope trip to the Dakota flying site next week. Over 30 flyers and scads of aircraft will be making the long trek for a weekend of flying fun.

The importance of controlling frequencies when slope flying and in most club events prompted a discussion of frequency matters -- the necessity of a regularly updated club frequency chart and a distributed list of “hazardous” frequencies, those specific numbers believed to cause problems in specific locations.

Meeting ended in a general conversation at 9:20.

Minutes submitted by club secretary, Vern Bailey