August 21, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

Thirty-two members attended the meeting.

President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the meeting.

Old Business

Membership – Bob Waldridge stated that there was one new application tonight and added that if you have not picked up your card to do so.

Flying Site – Ed Berris said that sooner or later we would lose our flying sites as the metro area expands into the country. He stated that we don’t have the time tonight to discuss it at length however; here are a few points to think about. We could organize somewhat like a golf club, but we don’t know how many acres or what they could cost, and will face this soon. All agreed to think about this further and discuss it at the next meeting.

Field Safety – Augie McKibben stated that at the MARCEE & MRCSS flying event there were two close calls and the group, as a whole is getting sloppy. Amongst other things, we need to do a better job of picking up stakes and tools after the flying is done. David Engleson found the yellow streamers in the club case and will hand them out at the next meeting.

New Business

Bill Brown – Bill Rakozy reported that Bill Brown was in the hospital recently and was now at home. Cards were circulated at the meeting for everyone to sign. Bill Rakozy volunteered to deliver the cards along with a gift to Bill. We hope you are doing better now Bill! Hurry Back!

New Web Site – Bill discussed the look and make-up of our updated web site and thanked Chad Towle for all his hard work. Thanks again Chad, the site looks great! The recent updates to the site include, meeting times and other events noted on the calendar, directions to our meetings, articles have been posted, new photos, meeting minutes posted, and flying reports. Bill Kuhl is the contact for the website now, so if you have new articles, photos, and information, contact Bill. Thanks guys.

NAT’s Report – Bill Rakozy and Augie McKibben discussed the Nationals soaring event this summer stating that it is a growing organization, the event is very fun to attend, the people are great. Bill added that he learned a great deal by watching and flying with other pilots. It brings your skills up a notch and there are people of all skill levels.

Soaring Night – We are looking for volunteers to help at future Soaring Night scheduled for this fall and winter. Contact Bill if you would like to volunteer at an upcoming “Soaring Night”.

Open House – Ed Berris brought up the idea of holding another open house this fall or winter. There was much discussion about how effective the events have been in the past and whether we wished to hold another event this year. Some said that the location was very important, and advertising needed to be better coordinated for the event to succeed. Kevin Kavaney suggested that Soaring Nights were more geared to contacting potential new members and the open house events were for club members. Kevin then volunteered to run this year’s event, Ed Berris will help out, and David Engleson will help with signs, posters, and advertising at the local Hobby Stores.

Newsletter – David Engleson brought up the topic of the newsletter and its current state. David explained that the newsletter was many months behind (6) and he had attempted to reach Mark Miller by phone and e-mail with no luck. Much discussion followed with some members stating that since most of the items that typically were in the newsletter were now on the website, the need for the newsletter has diminished. David stated that there are currently (8) members who have requested the newsletter be mailed to them. Ed Berris asked if there had been any complaints from those eight members for not receiving any newsletters since February. David said there has been none. Another member stated that the newsletter has been a benchmark for the club, a documented history. After all was said and done, the majority of the members in attendance voted to forego the newsletter at this time.

New Club Traditions – Bill Rakozy brought up the idea of New Award Categories to think about. Some of the ideas included Most Improved Pilot, Rookie of the Year, MRCSS Man of the Year, Humor Award, Builder of the Year, Most Helpful. The idea was not met with too much enthusiasm with one member stating that the club members typically have avoided awards in the past and just enjoyed hanging out with one another.

September Trip to South Dakota – Emil Weiler reminded everyone of the upcoming September 25th trip to South Dakota. Let Emil know if you are planning to attend.

Show and Tell

Ed Berris showed off a nice wind meter he picked up from a German company on the web.

David Engleson presented his partially built scale Red Tailed Hawk. Larry Sorenson and David are both building hawks and will have them ready for the September trip to South Dakota. The Hawk is made from EPP and will have an elevator and ailerons for control.

Ib Jensen showed off his new Fillip. According to the boys at Northeast Sailplane Products... ”This slope sailplane is perfect for the intermediate pilot but any expert will enjoy its handling and performance. Beauty, performance, and versatility make this a must-have plane for the slope enthusiast. This is a clean sailplane and will fly in an amazing variety of slopes and conditions… when many slope sailplanes are sitting on the ground”. Sounds like a great ship Fillib. I mean Ib. Look forward to seeing it fly out in South Dakota.

Kevin Kavaney presented his Psycho, which is the big sister of the Pixel. It is a 90-inch full house ship that should really tear up the sky.

Dave Fisher showed his new lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Each cell runs about $10, is 3.8 volts.

See you at the field or slope…

Good Lift.