December 18th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

We had a full house this evening with thirty-five members attended the meeting. President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the meeting.

Old Business

Secretary Report – David Engleson stated that the minutes from the November meeting have been posted on the club web site by Bill Kuhl. If you have any comments or clarifications regarding the minutes, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Treasurer Report – Jack Perecman stated that the club’s current balance is $2,331 and that there are no outstanding bills. Jack added that the annual holiday gifts for flying site owners should be determined and sent out immediately. After some discussion, those present decided upon the gift amounts. Please contact a board member for if you would like to know what was decided.

New Business

Flying Sites – Ed Berris and Dave Fisher led a discussion on maintaining flying sites for the club in the future. Ed recently met with Mr. Jirik in Farmington and talked about the ‘Buy-Lease Back’ option of 10 acres discussed at the last few monthly meetings. Mr. Jerik explained that it would have to be more than 100 acres to make it worthwhile for him. After much discussion it was decided to get a group together to define & establish options and ultimately a direction for the club to pursue. The committee includes Dave & Ed, Augie McKibben, Bill Rakozy, Bob Waldridge, and John Bittle. If you wish to be a part of this team, please contact Dave Fisher. Thanks guys!

Membership Dues – Partially in reaction to the flying site discussion, there was some discussion of raising membership dues for this coming year. After talking it over it was agreed that the dues should remain at the current level of $20 until the flying site matter is clear. So… Contact Kevin Kavaney and renew your membership.

T-shirts – Bob Waldridge has arranged for club t-shirts and displayed a few sample shirts to the group. The shirts are going for $10, so contact Bob with your order as soon as possible. They look great Bob! Thanks.

Freeze Fly – Don’t forget the annual Freeze Fly on the ice of Lake Harriet on New Year’s Day. We will meet near the Band Shell at 10:00 AM and fly until 4:00 PM…if we can take it. If the ice is unsafe our alternate flying site will be Igoe Field of Bill Igoe fame. It will be fun and it might be covered by KARE 11 news. Contact David Engleson for more information. See you there.

Website – Bill Kuhl has added some photos to the website so have a gander. The site needs new and different images to keep it fresh and interesting so please e-mail Bill some of your photos. We are a very active club, so lets see what you are flying & building. Ib, let’s see some construction photos! Thanks.


1903 Flyer Presentation – Bill Igoe of Igoe field fame introduced Dale Johnson to the club. Dale has been a volunteer worker on the 1903 Flyer project here at Janes Field up in Blaine for some time now. Dale discussed the project, the team of volunteers, and showed a recent video clip from WCCO television. The completed replica will hang in the American Wings Museum in Blaine. (Check it out at Those present were very interested in the presentation and much discussion followed. Thank you Dale for sharing that with us in honor of the 100th year anniversary of flight.

Larry Sorenson & David Engleson presented their Red-Tailed Hawk project to the group. Larry explained the design concepts, flying and trimming his model, and showed off the three built Hawk models including one made by Walt Huemmer. Larry and David are toying with the idea of posting a construction article on the club website, so stay tuned for more information. If you are interested in building a Hawk, plans are available for $5 from David.

Show and Tell

Bill Rakozy narrated the ‘Favorite Tools’ presentation and at least ten members showed off many of their favorite modeling tools. Some of my favorite items included Ib Jensen’s Dremel Tool diamond tipped cutting disk, Greg Stinson’s small handmade foam cutter, and Corky Wald’s sealing iron he picked up from Joanne’s Fabrics. That was a very interesting presentation with some great ideas.

Kevin Kavaney showed off his great looking small slope racer called the Whip. Kevin picked it up off of E-Bay and can’t wait to get it in the air.

Chad Towle presented his latest sloper… the Weasel. Chad was amazed at how fast it went together and how well the kit is made.

This was another good meeting guys, thanks… and good lift!