Minutes of the MRCSS meeting August 19, 2004

President Bill Rakozy called the meeting to order a few minutes after 7 p.m. Thirty one club members were present in Room 351 of the Edina Community Center. Bill provided a brief glimpse of the agenda then began with introduction of one new member and two visitors.

Secretary Vern Bailey summarized the June meeting and reminded us there was no meeting in July.

Treasurer Jack Perecman reported we have $1238 in the club account. We have spent approximately $2100 this year.


President Bill reminded us there will be club elections in December and urged us to consider whom the membership would like to nominate for president and vice president and asked Treasurer Jack Perecman and Secretary Vern Bailey to decide if they might continue in those positions.

Ed Berris reminded us the club has operated on the principle that the current VP (Augie McKibben) would move into the presidential role.

Bill Rakozy said he now has invested approximately $300 in the winch line retriever, battery and wagon. He would like to sell this combination to the club so that it could be more readily available to all.


Of the two club competitions remaining, the Sept. 11 (Jirik) format has not yet been determined. Bill wondered if this could be a time to include an “advanced pilot” training meeting. After some discussion, this matter was deferred to more thoughtful email exchanges and a later decision regarding contest format. Since Bill will be attending the large Visalia competition in October, someone else will CD our last thermal contest of 2004.


Ed Berris suggested this was an appropriate time to consider group building projects for the coming months. A lively discussion followed. Slope soaring enthusiasts named kits of interest, and Ed passed around examples of the JW and Weasel. Other choices, group purchases, where/when the group could meet were considered. Ben Hocker volunteered to coordinate the purchase of the chosen slope model.

Flat-land thermal seekers then launched a similar winter building project conversation. Models nominated: Houston Hawk, Big Bird, and Mirage were considered, but interest in a group purchase and bi-weekly building sessions was feeble. Let’s think about it – was our quiet consensus.


Bill reminded us of the importance of safe flying. Even gliders can cause injury and damage. At any flight session:
  1. Shout “launching!” before tossing you plane skyward.
  2. Once launched, get out of the launch zone.
  3. Avoid low flights over other pilots to reach landing zone.
  4. Shout “landing.” Retrieve model promptly.
  5. And, always run through your checklist before each launch.


We discussed the necessity and desirability of increasing the club dues beginning in 2005. Would it be wise to set two rates – one if the annual dues are paid by January, and a somewhat increased amount if paid after January 1st? This procedure could simplify the now rather complex task of the Membership Officer.

The official meeting ended with a brief show and tell.