Minutes of the MRCSS meeting Sept. 16, 2004

President Bill Rakozy called the meeting to order and promptly introduced what would become the central issue of the evening: membership fees and the need for some adjustment. Membership requires timely payment of annual dues (now $20) and a confirmed AMA membership. At present the club has 68 paid members. We know there are some persons who participate in club events but have not paid the current dues. Club finances have dwindled to a low point. Since Treasurer, Jack Perecman could not attend tonight’s meeting, we could not cite a precise account balance, but most of us would agree, dues must increase.

In the discussion that followed, we determined that approximately $35 per member per year is needed to finance current activities. In the comments volunteered, over a dozen members willingly accepted the need for a dues increase, The question then turned to “how much?” A range of possible increases – from $10 to $25 was proposed and discussed. A consensus was eventually reached. We would delay taking an official vote until the October meeting, allowing each of us time to consider what increase we could support.

Informally, the plan most seemed to choose was this:

  • $40 if paid by December for following year
  • $50 if dues were paid after January 1st
  • $25 for mid-year entry (not continuing) membership.


For those not present for this meeting and discussion, the fee increase should be accompanied by an explanation for the increase.

In a further discussion of payment for activities, the members present agreed to suggestions that competitions be more self-sustaining by requiring at least a modest contest entrance fee.

Another strongly-supported need for increased funds is the increasing necessity to reward land owners of our several sites with enough money to keep us on amicable terms.

A second major topic of the evening’s discussion was the need
for strict obedience to usage guidelines at our flying fields. This
matter was triggered by two recent incidents at Jirik.

  1. Jirik employees grumbled about club members’ cars blocking a sod access road.
  2. Some unknown person (was it a club member?) turned his vehicle around by looping out onto the sod.

We agreed that at Jirik, effective immediately, here is the necessary procedure:

  • First person to arrive at field asks permission at the office.
  • Drive onto the sod-access roads only to load and unload planes and gear.
  • Park your car on the Blaine gravel road.
  • Set up to insure safe launches/ landings.
  • Turn away flyers who are not club members.

The hard discussion completed, members turned to more pleasant matters. Four MRCSS members – Dave Engleson, Mike, John Biddle and Jim, completed requirements needed to be enrolled in the ranks of the League of Silent Flight, for which they expressed their gratitude to Bill Rakozy for his pleasntly insistent encouragement.

And the evening was rounded off by an entertaining report from members who attended the bi-annual slope events at Soar Utah.

It was a rather long but satisfying meeting that ended with show and tell at 9:05.

Vern Bailey, secretary.