December 20th, 2004 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

We had a full house this evening with thirty members and guests attended the meeting. President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the meeting. Among the new members are Terry Reisen, Denny Fox, and Greg Thomas. His friend Jerry Peterson joined Greg, and both are members of Minneapolis Flying Aces Club.

Old Business

Old business consisted of a review of the past two years by Bill Rakozy. He thanked the officers and other volunteers for all of their efforts, highlighted the development of the area coordinators, the increase in pilots involved in LSF and club contests, the work of Bill Kuhl in re-working the club website & keeping it updated, and the fact that the club is very healthy at this time. Thanks again Bill for your hard work and leadership!

New Business

Membership Dues – Kevin Kavaney said that membership dues are due in March. He added that both he and his neighbor would appreciate it if you use the correct mailing address when sending him your check. (No cash please).

Freeze Fly – Don’t forget the annual Freeze Fly on the ice of Lake Harriet on New Year’s Day. We will meet near the Band Shell at 11:00 AM and fly until 4:00 PM…if we can take it. If the ice is unsafe our alternate flying site will be Igoe Field of Bill Igoe fame. See you there!

Contest Calendar – Those present took fifteen minutes and developed the 2005 Contest schedule. The schedule will be posted on the club web site shortly.

Slope Trips – Emil Weiler discussed two slope trips scheduled for next spring and summer. In May the club is planning another trip to Chamberlain SD. Talk to Emil if you are planning to join the crowd the weekend of the 12-15th and make sure you have made arrangements at the Lake Shore Motel. In June (9th-12th), club members will attend the Lake Wilson Mid-West Soaring event. Emil suggested take a look at for more information. Thanks Emil.

Show and Tell

Burt Jones showed off his new X-21. This 128 inch, fully molded, ship is a real beautiful bird. Burt said that it is really a hybrid of sorts - a thermal duration sailplane for the slope. He purchased it from and looks forward to the maiden flight. Thanks Burt.

Greg Thomas showed us two great rubber powered scale planes from his collection and shared information about his club and building techniques. He showed us his Bird Dog that weighed 51 grams and took over 600 hours to build. That’s right, over 600 hours! He also showed us his P-40 that was just as impressive. Awesome work Greg. Thanks for joining us.

Ib Jensen showed off his new Alula sloper and 1/3 scale Laser 200 tow plane. Ib said that the Alula is very light and a nice flying plane. The Laser on the other hand has not flown yet, but will be ready for towing duty this spring. Stay tuned for news of this bird. Thanks Ib! This was another good meeting guys!

Thanks, good lift, and see you next year!