Minutes of the March 20, 2008 MRCSS Meeting

President Dave Engleson called the meeting to order and asked for a report on our finances from Treasurer Jack Perecman.  He reported figures indicating the club is in good shape, even though the dues for this year's enrollment are still being collected.

Desire for increased membership was discussed briefly and printed cards distributed to those willing to search out potential members.

T shirts and sun-protection caps (at $15) were displayed,  and when available will display the club logo.

The final workshop meeting for those constructing The Gambler HLG will meet  April 9.
A considerable portion of the meeting was focused on the forthcoming "building seminar" on April 12 that will bring Jim Porter from Iowa to show us his techniques in building and repairing gliders. This event,  to be held in a hanger of the Flying Cloud airport, will also include displays of Mike Trutwin's progress building a Supra, and a foam-cutting demo by Ed Berris. Lunch provided, BYO chairs.
Several voices suggested the opening summer thermal contest be changed from May 17 to May 24 since a sizable number of active members will be flying on the South Dakota slopes that weekend. Greg Stinson, CD, will be informed.
A request for volunteers to provide a high school classroom presentation of our club's activities brought several responses and the suggestion that we might do the same for MAARC club.

SHOW AND TELL featured Augie McKibben showing his foam based flying wing.  A Gambler weighing only 6.2 oz ready to fly was displayed along with a discussion of li-po batteries.  A lively discussion of useful tools and building techniques ended the evening's meeting.
V. Bailey secretary