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June Thermal/Duration Contest

Despite my threats and bribes to the weather forecasters, dark clouds were gathering around Jirik as we arrived Saturday morning for the June thermal/duration contest. By 9 o'clock it looked bad. We had to dash to our vans/cars and helplessly grumble as fierce winds blew and heavy rains fell. We even consided a two-week postponement. But as swiftly as they came, the clouds blew away, winds dropped to manageable, and shortly after 10 a.m. we were served up sunshine, light air and thermals galore.

A smaller turnout than expected, but we had a good time. Lots of flying and not a single crash. Jack Perecman treated us to the first few flights of his sleek Super AVA. Steve Leitgen's exceptional Allegro Lite performed well. But it was two twenty-year-old planes -- a Sailaire and a Lovesong -- that Steve Bowman parked so smoothly in lasting thermals that carried the day.

Contest results 2008 Summer Soar Champions

2 Meter : task > three 7 min. flights with accurate landing

  • 1st place -- Jim Golla
  • 2nd place -- Jullian Bristow

RES : task > three 10 min flights with accurate landing

  • 1st place -- tie, winner decided by man-on-man flight Steve Leitgen
  • 2nd place -- Steve Bowman
  • 3rd place -- Mike Glaser

Open : task > three 12 min flights with accurate landing

  • 1st place -- tie, winner decided by m-o-m flight Steve Bowman
  • 2nd place -- Mike Trutwin
  • 3rd place -- Ib Jensen

Overall champion -- Steve Bowman