2009 Summer Fling Contest Results

We had a great day at Jirik for the Summer Fling contest.  10 flyers were on hand for the Handlaunch Scramble.  Four planes launch at the same time, last man down wins.  We flew five rounds in about an hour.  The pilots had the choice of discus launching or using the clubs mini-hi-starts.  Most heats had a mix, and the hi-starts were launching somewhat higher.  However, even though Mark Robbins was not hitting his personal best launch heights, he managed to place a strong third behind Mike Trutwin and Steve Leitgen, both of whom used the hi-starts.  This is a fun contest format, and since the club has a box with all of the equipment needed to set up and run the contest (thanks to Al Nephew, I think) I expect we'll see more of it.

The main event started at about 11:30.  We had 16 flyers signed up.  Most completed the 6 tasks by about 3 PM.  There was plenty of lift around, and a lot of flyers got their 10, 12, and 15 minute flights.  There were also lots of 50 and 100 point spot landings, so the level of competition was pretty high.  Paul Johnson had a catastrophic failure of a wing, which brought his plane down like a maple seed.  He only got two flights in, yet still managed to place 13th.  Mark Robbins sacrificed his flying to work on the number 2 winch.  He finally got the winch going, but didn't have time to put up any official flights.  Julian Bristow and his son Nick battled head to head in 2M all afternoon.  Nick was timing flights on his iPod.

Thanks to everyone who came out to fly, and especially to those who helped out with set-up, tear-down, and acting as timers for the flyers.  Let's do it again next month at the Big One!/p>

Greg Stinson, CD

Handlaunch Scramble

Name            Score   Rank
Mike Trutwin    18      1
Steve Leitgen   16      2
Mark Robbins    14      3
Greg Klein      13      4
Paul Johnson    13      4
Dan Berg        12      5
Steve Jantscher 12      5
Ed Berris       10      6
Mike Glaser     10      6
Ib Jensen       9       7

Thermal Duration / Landing

Name            Class   Score   Rank    LSF Points
Mike Trutwin    Open    3576    1       1600
Augie McKibben  Open    3562    2       1494
Steve Bowman    RES     3539    3       1386
Steve Leitgen   Open    3464    4       1259
John Cihunka    Open    3434    5       1152
Dan Berg        Open    3285    6       1010
Mike Glaser     RES     3250    7       909
Ib Jensen       Open    2917    8       734
Greg Stinson    RES     2242    9       502
Greg Klein      Open    2061    10      403
Steve Jantscher RES     2010    11      337
Ben Hocker      RES     1419    12      198
Paul Johnson    Open    1370    13      153
Julian Bristow  2M      1189    14      100
Nick Bristow    2M      903     15      51
Mark Robbins    RES     0       16      0