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2008 Spring Tune-up Thermal Duration Contest Results

We had a nice day at Jirik - a little windy but definitely the best weather we've had for our May contest in several years. We had two events. Over the course of the day we had about 10 fliers and a couple of visitors.

Things got started at 9:30 with a 60" upstart contest. It was already windy enough to make it a challenge with the lightly loaded HLGs. With 6 contestants we decided to run a round robin contest, a series of two-man fly-offs where each contestant flies against every other contestant in a launch together, last man down wins format. The results were:

1stMike Trutwin
2ndMike Glaser
3rdAl Nephew
4thGreg Stinson
5thDave Edmonson
6thVern Bailey

The second event started about 11 AM. It consisted of 5 rounds of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 15 minute durations, with additional points for spot landings. The wind continued to come up as predicted. Towards the end of the contest, Mike G recorded a 29.5 mph gust on the field.

David Anderson, a former member of the club, brought a beautiful scratch built gull-wing Borne Free, which was unfortunately lost when it nosed in from high altitude. Karl Hassis got a couple of flights in on his Eagle, but it had not been flown in several years and was not in fighting trim for flying in the wind. Al Nephew didn't get his big ship in the air, but made a valiant attempt to compete with a DLG Encore. It was great to see Ib Jensen again, out with his trusty Sierra. Al's niece Michelle helped with timing, and Wayne Norrie, a guest from Rochester, brought his uncovered airframe to get some advice and encouragement. Toward the end of the contest, former member John brought one of his canard ships and got one flight in after the contest ended.

Results of the contest:

LSF Points
Mike TrutwinAlcyon
Julian BristowEssence
Mike GlaserSoprano
Greg StinsonMirage
Dave EdmonsonThermal Dart
Ib JensenSierra
Vern BaileyBitsa
Al NephewEncore
Karl Hassis Eagle
David AndersonBorne Free100

Thanks to all of the fliers who came out, we had a great day and the contest season is off to a good start.

Greg Stinson