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DFS-Reiher III Reference List

November, 2007

LET Models (Czech Republic)
Scale - 1:3.5 Wingspan - 15’6” Weight -19 lbs Length - 7’-4”
For aero-tow and slope soaring


  • Fiberglass with white gel coat - Special bracing at wing joiner tube and bottom of fuse at skid.
  • Removable 1/4” plywood radio gear and battery tray
  • Formed lead nose weight
  • Hitec eight channel receiver (HFD-08RD)
  • Charge switch with on-board battery checker (MPI)
  • Removable 1/4” plywood rudder servo tray
  • Tow release mechanism
  • (1) HS-81 servo for tow release (Standard servo would be better)
  • Multiplex plug in five-pin connector for elevator (male)
  • Six-pin connector from Radio shack
  • 3,500 NiMH battery back
  • Aluminum skid (16 ga. x ½” wide) Seven Corners Hardware, Saint Paul


  • Built up balsa rudder covered with Ultracote
  • Snap in place removable rudder
  • Aluminum control horns for “pull-pull” system control (Hobby-Lobby International, Inc.)
  • Symmetrical airfoil (CompuFoil 2000 program)
  • (1) HS-475HB servo mounted in fuse tray.
  • Kevlar thread pull-pull control

Elevator Stab

- Balsa sheathing (1/16”) on foam cores. Symmetrical airfoil (CompuFoil program)
- Covered with Ultracote
- Hard balsa spar
- (2) HS-85MG servos mounted in Hitec servo cans
- Two piece elevators
- Robart pin hinges (4 each elevator)
- Multiplex plug in five-pin connector (female)
- Two nylon bolts to attach to fuse


  • Balsa sheathing (1/16”) on foam cores. Modified M-Q3.0 airfoil (CompuFoil 2000 program)
  • Covered with Ultracote
  • Plywood and basswood spar (basswood top & bottom spar members, 1/8” plywood vertical spar continuous web
  • (2) ¼” plywood root ribs
  • Basswood leading and trailing edge spars
  • Hardwood dowel alignment pins
  • Tape hinges
  • Fiberglass spar tube formed over carbon fiber joiner rod
  • Groupner double high spoilers (Hobby-Lobby International, Inc.)
  • (2) HS-81 servos for spoilers (1 in each wing of course)
  • Balsa ailerons
  • (2) HS-85MG servos mounted in Hitec servo cans near center of aileron length

PVC Work Stand

  • ¾” I.D. PVC parts from Menard's and Home Depot
  • Foam pipe insulation to protect fuse

PVC Dolly for Aero-towing

  • ¾” I.D. PVC parts from Menard's and Home Depot
  • Foam pipe insulation to protect wings
  • Plastic wheels from Ax-Man supply
  • Carriage bolts for axles

Wing & Fuse Protective Bags

  • Any fabric store
  • Velcro – (Not the sticky stuff)

General Supplies & Stuff

Balsa Sheathing –

Batteries –

Charge Switch, servo leads, and much more – MPI

Express Composites, Inc. Minneapolis (612) 789-8621 OR
AdTech Epoxy Resin & Hardener, different weight fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon fiber cloth, Mixing accessories, cups, sticks, & gloves for working with epoxy. Good people.


  • Brock White - Plazamate
  • Home Depot - Foamular 250
  • Menards - Foamular 150 or 250

Foam cutting wire:
Stuff – Ax Man on University in Saint Paul
AEI Electronics Hwy 55 and Douglas Drive – Golden Valley

Graupner products –

Hitec –

Let Models –

Lost Model Locator –

Miscellaneous supplies - Hobby Warehouse, Richfield MN

Model Sailplanes and parts –

Radio Gear and more - or

Radio Shack – Six-pin connectors, solder, and more. Good service.

Servos -

Servo Cans from Hitec – MPI Hitec part number 56307

West Systems Epoxy Resin & Hardener, plywood, and more – H.U.B. Hobby Centers

Youngblood Lumber (North Minneapolis) – Basswood & other hardwoods OR

Plymouth Foam