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Winter 2008 Club Build Project Identified

At the December meeting we talked about a MRCSS Club Building Project -- the Gambler DLG from Wright Brothers RC.

This built-up wood kit features a Mark Drela designed airfoil, the AG36. Parts are laser-cut and include an Avia boom for the fuselage. This discus launch glider is reported to build easily and fly very well. The kit includes carbon ribbon, Kevlar thread and fiberglass for reinforcement. It can be set up with a pair of Hitec HS-55 servos, a 4.8v 370 mAh battery and a Berg 4 micro stamp receiver. Recommended covering is Ultracote Lite transparent or SoLite film.

The Gambler discuss launch glider will work well for a man-on-man mini high-start competition. It should be a great light air sloper as well.

List price for the Gambler is $74.99 plus $7 shipping. Allan of Wright Brothers RC is offering them to MRCSS for $65 each with a minimum purchase of five. You will also save five dollars on shipping. Allan has developed an electric power pod for the Gambler. It allows you to quickly attach a motor system and convert it to an electric glider. The power pods will be included free with this club purchase.

Information on the kit supplier:

A review can be found here:

Gambler DLG build thread on RC Groups:

If you are interested in getting in on this project please let me know. I will manage the group purchase. To take advantage you will need to provide payment up front. Total cost is $68 via cash, check or PayPal.

I will place the order on January 4th. We should have the kits before our January meeting. Building sessions to follow!

Larry Sorenson
Club Building Project Coordinator