Hot Tips!

Here is a link to a series of short videos on YouTube called Hot Tips. Take a look and see what you can you can use.

MRCSS Build Projects

Winter 2008

The 2008 Winter build project will be the Gambler AG from Wright Brothers R/C. See this announcement for details.

Winter 2005

There may be more than one build project this Winter. For now, we know that there will be a group project involving EPP warbirds from Leading Edge Gliders (LEG). Any of the LEG kits could be built as part of this project since the techniques needed to build them are about the same for all of the models. For that matter, anyone looking to learn about building EPP models in general may want to join the group. Those of you that are building JW's this Winter may want to join us.

Current plans are to meet at Washburn High School for five building/demonstration sessions. The sessions will run from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. We can enter the High School as early as 6:00PM and have to be out of the building by 9:00PM. The dates for the meetings are the following:

Wednesday, January 25:Spar assembly and gluing spar and supports to wing.
Wednesday, February 8:Radio installation.
Wednesday, February 22:Adding supports for a bolt-on wing.
Wednesday, March 8:Filling, taping and preparing to cover.
Wednesday, March 22:Covering and painting.

Washburn High School is located at 201 W 49th Street in south Minneapolis, just north of Minnehaha Creek, and between Nicollet and Lyndale Avenues. From 35W, take the 46th Street exit and go west a few blocks to Nicollet Avenue. Turn left and take Nicollet south 1/2 mile to 50th Street.

Turn right and take 50th Street west about 1/4 mile. The street curves in this stretch. On your right you will be passing Ramsey School, then an Athletic Field, then Washburn HS. Just past Washburn HS, turn right onto Pleasant Avenue, then immediately turn right into a small parking lot. Door #9 of the school opens onto this parking lot, and should be open for use between 6:00 and 7:00.