Flying Sites

The MRCSS currently uses seven main locations for flying events. Directions to each location are listed below, as well as maps where available.

Northwest Thermal Park

NOTE: This field is not available for our use until  further notice (updated 9/2013).

Jirik Sod Farm

4 miles East of FARMINGTON on Co Rd 66. Park on Co Rd 66 or on Blaine Ave. (N/S road). Winch and high starts available on site. Contact an officer for locker combination. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Google map to field

MRCSS Slope Sites

Our slope sites are located on private property. Our club has made special arrangements with the land owners that allow us to use these sites, however, there are special rules which must be followed prior to flying at any of these sites. For this reason, these sites are reserved only for MRCSS members and their guests. If you are not an MRCSS member or if you are not an invited guest, flying with an MRCSS member, you are not permitted to fly at these locations.

If you are visiting our area from out of town and would like to fly as an invited guest please contact any of the club officers in advance. We'll go out of our way to have you join a club member to enjoy flying with us.



All club members who wish to fly at the Stanton or Hager City club slope site must first ask for permission from the land owner. You may also leave a note on their door if there is no one at home when you arrive to fly. The note should include your name, your time of arrival and a phone number along with a polite "thank you". This is even true if you arrive when others are already flying.

The land owners have nothing to gain by allowing us to have access to their property but they do have the inconvenience of having visitors disrupting their day. As you can see, allowing us to fly is a significant concession that many folks would not wish to make.

Treat this ability to use their land as a privilege and remember that your actions impact all club members. Always be respectful. Always make sure not to leave ANY debris and if you see that someone else has not been as considerate be sure to bring it to their attention and to the attention of a club officer as well.

The careless act of just one person could be the reason that we lose the ability to enjoy these places to fly.