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MRCSS Monthly Meeting - June 18, 2009

Southdale Public Library - Edina

This meeting was going to be cancelled since our president was slope soaring in South Dakota and our vice-president was unavailable. Ed volunteered to run a meeting at the library and the subject of the meetings themselves was discussed. Here are Ed's notes.

There is a feeling that more and more members are not attending meetings because there are not enough activities at the meeting that draw people out of their comfort zones to make the drive and give up the evening. In order to enliven the group other group activities that take place outside the normal meeting dates could also be arranged.

Ed asked those in attendance what they thought would be a good use of our time at meetings and what activities would make them leave the comfort of their homes to come to the library or other off site locations.

Here are some of the ideas that were generated along with a couple from Ed.

1. Resurrect the builders challenge. For those that don't know what that is here's what we used to do.  A member would chose a building project for the fall.  A deadline for completion would be established. In the spring the completed project would be brought to a meeting where it would be entered so that everyone could enjoy seeing the finished model.  It would be judged by everyone in attendance and winners would be announced.

Each participant would pay an entry fee of around $10.  If the plane was completed and flight ready the entry fee would be returned.  Those that did not complete their plane to a flight ready status would forfeit their entry fee.  These funds would be used as prize money for those that were winners in the voting.

All models must be built models.  No ARF's or purchased models completed by someone else could be entered.

2.  Building techniques or "how to do it" would be demonstrated.
For example, building a spar, building your own hot wire cutting bow and power supply, making your own vacuum bagging system using off the shelf parts, how to build battery packs, how to install "auto hook up" connectors so that when you plug your wings into your fuselage all electrical connections are made without the need for wires dangling from the wing or fuselage, how to apply UltraKote or other "tricks" that you have learned that made your finished results better.

3.  After work fun flies.
Instead of waiting for a weekend to fly we could schedule a get together at one of our flying sites in lieu of a meeting at the library.

4.  Have sing alongs where we all learn ethnic folk songs and dances.
I didn't think this was a good idea but I didn't want to insult the person that proposed this idea so I'm listing here.  :-)

5.  Schedule another event like the one we had out at Tim's Man Shack or Dave's hangar.

6.  Schedule another box building session
for those that missed the first one.

7.  Schedule another get together with Jim Porter.
A long weekend event that included time at the flying field with a lunch served, a second day with Jim showing, telling and helping.

8.  A start to finish demonstration of a composite wing build
with foam cores being cut and bagged with painted mylars.  This would no doubt be a long demonstration but for those that have always wanted to take on such a project it would go a long way to providing the confidence that the job was within their grasp.

9.  Plan a TD trip
, similar to our slope trips, where we would meet other clubs for a joint event.

10.  Demonstration of aerotowing
for those that have never seen it done or are just interested in getting into this aspect of our hobby.

Naturally we would like to have everyone's ieas so please add to this list so that we can get the ball rolling at our next meeting.