Hot Tips!

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MRCSS Monthly Meeting - November 10, 2009

Southdale Public Library - Edina

Call to Order - 7:15pm

Old Business


Officer's Reports

New Business

2010 Office Nominations

Here is the list of officer nominees and volunteers from the meeting:

President - Steve Jantscher
Vice President - Ed Berris
Secretary - Matthew Nolan
Treasurer - Jack Perecman

Field Committee

Ben Hocker - Elk River
Kevin Kavaney - slope
Ib Jensen - slope
Emil Weiler - slope
Mike Trutwin - Jirik

Fun Fly Committee - Steve Leitgen

New Events and Demonstrations Committee - Ed Berris (we need more
volunteers for this committee!)

Website Committee - Mike Glaser, Matthew Nolan

Area Coordinators

Membership - Jeff Thompson

Aerotow - Larry Sorenson

Contest Schedule Committee - Greg Stinson, Vern Bailey

Electric Assisted Sailplanes - Dave Edmonson

Hand Launch Contests - Steve Jantscher

League of Silent Flight - Augie McKibben

Librarian - Jeff Thompson

Basic Flight Training: Jeff Thompson, slope; Thermal, still open

Show and Tell


The meeting adjourned at 8:xx.