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November 25, 2014 MRCSS Meeting Minutes

The November meeting of the Minnesota Radio Control Soaring Society was held at the Southdale Library on Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Tuesday was scheduled because Thanksgiving falls on the usual 3rd Thursday meeting cate. Vice President Ed Berris chaired the meeting in the absence of President David Engelson. Approximately 14 members attended.

Ed Berris made several announcements:

  1. The officers are considering other days and times for meetings, to try to accommodate more people, reduce driving time, etc. We are looking at Saturday at a possibility during the winter season, since many Hennepin County library meeting rooms are available then at no cost. Charlie Thiele has plotted members’ home locations on a Twin Cities map to aid in visualizing where members live.
  2. We need more volunteers overall to help with club activities. A relatively small group of people has served as officers and in other roles, and we can use new energy and ideas. Election of officers for 2015 is coming up, so please consider serving in some role for next year.
  3. David Engelson expects to have the new MRCSS T-shirts at the December meeting.

Larry Sorenson led a discussion of the club e-mail list. It seems to be working less well than in recent years. Some members are experiencing delays, and even out-of-sequence deliveries. This may be due to ISPs filtering our incoming mail for spam, some more so than others. There are a number of options that could be considered, including setting up a Google Group, a FaceBook group, setting up a MrCSS internet domain, etc. Larry and Mike Glaser, our webmaster, will decide on a best approach and work on implementation.

Nominations were made for MRCSS officers for 2015: Steve Leitgen is nominated for MRCSS President. Paul Johnson is nominated for Vice President; Jack Perecman will run for Treasurer; and Ben Hocker agreed to run for Treasurer. Elections will be held at the December meeting (December 18th, at 7:00PM in the Southdale Library).

There was a discussion of gifts from MRCSS landowners of the fields where we fly. This includes Minnesota sod farm landowners, as well as gifts to the landowners in South Dakota for our slope trips. It was agreed to make the same gifts as in recent years, with the exception of Fricke, where we are no longer able to fly since 2013 and we will not be making a gift. Treasurer Jack Perecman will handle sending out the checks and holiday cards.

Ed Berris described the winter build of the Spinner XT, a 60” hybrid plane with EPP wings, laser-cut fuselage pod and tail surfaces, carbon tailboom, etc. This was originally designed as a beginner/rough use DLG, so it should be excellent for SD slopes use. Ed has obtained the laser cut wood and carbon parts. Rich Ness is cutting the wings cores with material provided by Ed. Ed will distribute the kit materials at the December meeting. All kits are spoken for. The cost will be $90.

Dean Jansa gave an extensive 2-part presentation on (1) DLG Setup & Tuning, and (2) Taranis Transmitter and OpenTX programming. The glider setup and tuning tips are applicable both to DLGs and also larger full-function sailplanes. The Taranis transmitter by FrSky, is available through Aloft Hobbies in the US as well as Hobby King. It uses open-source software, so you program it to do exactly what you want. Dean subsequently sent out by email the links to his slide presentation:

DLG Setup and Tuning:

OpenTX and Taranis:

Several members presented show-and-tell: Ed Berris had an aircraft stand for assembly and use at the field. This is made by a guy in Greece, and periodically advertised on RCGroups. Dave Edmonson showed a simple control surface hinging technique using small piece of monofilament fishing line CA-ed into the surfaces. Steve Leitgen showed a sorta-P47-ish plane in progress, with a foam fuselage and a Bug wing built with an elliptical planform. Larry Sorenson showed a TopSky DLG, built with a bagged tail using foam surfaces.