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Minutes of MRCSS meeting November 15, 2007

Edina Public Library, Ethel Berry Room, 7 p.m.

18 members present

NEXT MEETING: Dec. 13, same time and place.

Since our current president, Ib Jensen was unable to attend tonight, a past president and strong supporter of the club, Ed Berris, agreed to preside over what turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and productive meetings this year.

The first item of business was the election of officers for the coming year, 2008. Dave Engleson was nominated for president and, when he expressed a willingness to accept, was elected unanimously. The election of a vice-president for 2008 followed the same pattern - Larry Sorenson was nominated then received the affirmation of all present.

Other leadership positions were designated:
  • Treasurer : Jack Perecman
  • Secretary : Vern Bailey
  • Membership Steward : Paul Johnson
Flying Site Monitors:
  • Jirik - Bob Waldridge
  • Elk River - Bill Rakozy
  • Hagar - Kevin Kavaney
  • Moundsview - Kevin Kavaney
South Dakota slope site - regular usersJack Perecman reported that the club was financially solid, and this led to a discussion of means and amounts we might use to adequately and fairly distribute our Christmas "thank you" bonuses to owners of our major flying sites. This required considerable discussion, but a formula was agreed upon and will be confirmed at the December meeting. Members were urged to attend and to sign the Christmas cards that will be sent along with the money.

John Bittle received applause and praise for his self-incentive in creating and distributing an attractive poster with pictures and information regarding our club. "I thought it would be useful to shatter the club's image as a 'best kept secret.'" John urged the rest of us to join him in displaying the MRCSS posters where they might interest and attract new members. Our numbers have dropped a bit.

Web-site issues were next. Our webmaster, Mike Glaser has expressed concern about the growing number of images accompanying MRCSS email. Sending multiple pictures apparently causes congestion and other send/receive problems. Mike suggests we might want to consider a text-only format for our messages and use a separate site for pictures. Everyone agreed that Mike is doing an outstanding job and that we should support his advice on this and virtually all web-related decisions.

Talk turned to a competition schedule for next season. Dave Engelson has proposed a schedule (see attached page) that distributes events to avoid conflict between the "slopers" and the "thermalites". We thanked Dave for his foresight and accepted the schedule with the understanding that minor changes may be necessary.

Interest in group building projects was next discussed, and several potential models, mainly slopers, were suggested. Interest seems strong but organizing actual building sessions rather difficult. Details for time/place/models for such a project will need to be sorted-out. At the December meeting perhaps?

Finally, Ed Berris suggested that the meeting could be more compelling and attractive if we returned to a previous pattern: each meeting should include a display, or discussion, or topic of general interest so that members would learn something new or see how a club mate has solved a common problem in the construction or operation of their planes. An explanation on foam-cutting or vacuum bagging or using Li-Po chargers and batteries would be welcomed by many - especially the less experienced members of the club. Ed volunteered to submit a list of such topics on the web.

And with the formal meeting concluded, we had several excellent models displayed and explained as part of the Show and Tell that ended one of the most enjoyable and productive meetings this year.
  • Mike Trutwin displayed his beautiful scratch-made BD5. Took him several years of on-and-off building, but all aspects of this sleek sloper, especially the finish, were impeccable.
  • John Bittle showed us the large cowling he had made from a 30% model of the Laser 200.
  • Larry Sorenson passed around a set of Chinese-made Phillips screwdrivers that conform perfectly with our models' hardware.
  • Adam Koller displayed the $5 digital scale he had purchased from Harbor Freight.
  • Ed Berris showed an almost finished sloper, the Orbis.
  • Jack Perecman showed us the beautiful SuperAva he has just purchased in anticipation of the 2008 summer thermals.

It was then 8:30 and the end of an excellent meeting.

Vern Bailey