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Minutes of MRCSS meeting November 29, 2006

Meeting Agenda – 7p.m. Edina Public Library, Ethel Berry Room

Current business

In the absence of President Adam Koller, Dave Fisher called the meeting to order at 7p.m. and urged members to introduce any issues that should be discussed.

We were reminded that at last month’s meeting new officers were elected for 2007:

  • PRESIDENT – Ib Jensen
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Layne Johnson
  • TREASURER – Jack Perecman

We were reminded that club dues for 07 would soon be requested. Should they also be increased? A few commented that an increase would not be unreasonable; others seemed convinced that the increase in 2005 was sufficient.

In the absence of our treasurer, the topic was left unresolved.

Other matters discussed briefly and extended into December agenda:

  • Our need to determine both venue and time for 2007 meetings.
  • Groups should set-up building projects for winter months.
  • We need a contest committee for 2007 thermal contests.
  • Must determine payment (and Xmas cards?) for flying site owners.

Mike Glaser then explained the reasons and means for a change in our club e-mail list. The Yahoo connection has become annoyingly slow. Mike re-explained what he had described on the web -- the steps needed for each member to convert his connection to the new hook-up. This led to a discussion of the archived messages of previous years – should all messages, even the routine “who’s flying?” be preserved along with the substantive topic discussions? An informal vote showed that those present were in favor of preserving some means, however clumsy, that would allow access to those moldy old messages.

The formal part of the meeting ended with Mike demonstrating on his laptop screen how each member should switch over to the new site.

Ib described the fun and success several club members had with tow-plane launching of big gliders at the Elk River site.

Members were reminded that the 2007 Lake Wilson (Kansas) Labor Day weekend slope and DS extravaganza would be worth consideration. Lake Wilson is an “easy” 10 hour drive.

Emil then described and showed a plane he had successfully purchased on RC Groups, despite shipping problems.

Layne showed the improved version of the Tripod cradle devise he is now producing and selling for a mere $20.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05

Respectfully submitted, Vern Bailey, Secretary.