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MRCSS Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 25th, 2006, 7pm Sandy’s Tavern

We welcomed Ted Gonyeau to the club, a Tri-Valley officer who is looking to learn all about thermal and slope planes.

The next meeting will be held on June 17 before the Summer Jam contest at a field to be announced.

The July 15th meeting will also be held “on site” before the “Big One” contest.

Huge thanks to Jim Ladwig and Craig Lamatch for the show and tell they gave to the Fairibault grade school kids. Sounds like a good time was had by all!

The First South Dakota Slopin’ Safari #1 is now history. About 20-25 members enjoyed the fine weather and variety of conditions. The next trip will be a 3-day safari on June 16-18. Any questions, call Emil Weiler. Book now!

The Spring Tune up was also held in marginal conditions. Some strange electrical interference was reported as a storm rolled in which caused to two planes to crash.

The MARCEE fun fly event is postponed until August 19th.

We voted to buy Ed’s $65 foldable canopy. We need a volunteer to hold on to it and take it to events. Anyone? Jack will write a check to Ed.

We voted to trade Jim Ladwig two servos for an old club transmitter and receiver on channel 31. Larry Sorenson will arrange the transfer.

Ed Berris donated a transmitter but would like to keep the frequency module so there is less chance of a channel conflict. A new one is $20.

We voted to start using the new email system as proposed by Mike Glaser. Rollout date TBD.

We voted to put interested potential members on the email list for a limited trial period of one month to help encourage them to meet members, get out and fly, and hopefully join the club. A non-member who wants to visit a flying site must be accompanied by a member!

Ed reported that Ax-man is selling telescoping retrieval poles for $3. If you fly MP you know that you will eventually need one!

Ed also reported a problem with his synthesized Hitech Eclipse 7 transmitter. He found that one of the male gold pins that engage the synth module dislodged itself from the board. It was easily repaired by Jim Porter in the field with some epoxy and solder. If you have one, please be sure to inspect it.

We had no formal show and tell, but Jeff Thompson showed up and sold-off about 10 gliders, so most went home happy!

Adam Koller
May 30, 2006