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Minutes of the April 18 meeting MRCSS

President Adam Koller called the meeting to order and re-introduced a new member, Quinten Speers. Quinten described his attraction to RC modeling and welcomed help from seasoned builders/fliers.

Adam explained the costs and advantages of maintaining our AMA charter.

Treasurer Jack Perecman reported our finances are in proper order.

Kevin Kavaney, membership officer, announced the club membership is now at 71.

Jim Ladwig has volunteered to meet with several grammar school classes and explain the fundamentals of flight. Adam urged any member who could possibly do so to assist Jim in this once-only meeting with school kids.

Several slopers who are planning the next trip to the South Dakota site provided planning details and urged early motel reservations. Next trip is set for May 18-21. Approximately 20 will be there. Another junket is being planned for June 16-18.

Adam urged us all to get on the web, get through the link Mike has set up and report the useful info on which channels we use or plan to use.

Contest coordinators Greg Stinson and Vern Bailey then distributed copies of the Thermal Duration Contest Calendar for 2006.

Greg, CD of the year's first competition, The Spring Tune Up, reminded us it is set for Jirik
sod farm, Saturday, May 13 (weather permitting). There will be four categories:

  • 1.5 meter HLG/mini-start
  • 2 Meter sailplanes
  • RES (any size)
  • Open for the big birds


Scores will be based on a ladder of duration target times with accompanying landing points. Each competitor will pay a $5 fee to enter one or all classes.

Highlight of the meeting: show and tell.
A virtual parade on newly-completed or in-process models capped off by XXXXXX flying his electric in-door mini-helicopter.

Vern Bailey, secretary