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Minutes of the October 23, 2005 MRCSS Meeting

13 Members present
Venue: Edina PublicLibrary

Since President Augie Mckibben was indisposed, ex-president, Ed Berris consented to preside over the meeting. Given the rather meager attendance, the meeting was informal and followed topics of interest rather than a set agenda.

FLYING FIELD BUSINESS was the first topic. Ed explained that, despite the appearance of an open field on the west side, Jirik is closed to us until Spring. Greg Stewart has volunteered to be the 2006 club liaison with Jirik managers. Ed invited a club member to volunteer to perform the same duties with the Elk River field.

We discussed the year-ending gratuities we might give to owners of our varied flying locations-- Jirik, Elk River, Stanton, Hager. Several members spoke in favor of a reasonable monetary gift to the much admired Dakota site, and after general acknowledging that we are indeed fortunate to have such choice flying locations, a motion was made that the monetary amount of our Christmas gifts be doubled to strengthen our “leases.”

Treasurer Jack Perecman said the club had adequate funds for such gifts, but we were reminded that the amounts had been fixed by a specific vote last Fall.

Discussion then turned to a suggestion that we should once again this year send individual Christmas cards to clearly convey our gratitude for flying privileges.

The last item in this category was a discussion of the dangers of flying at Mounds Park. It is not covered by our AMA license, it is open to the public, so we must be especially careful and act responsibly.

CLUB BUILDING PROJECT was the next topic, Ed Berris in charge. He explained that suggestions were still trickling in but that an electric glider project -- or two -- have the strongest support. Final choice and meeting place for group building to be made at the next meeting. The several-member purchase of JW slope kits might also be considered a group project.

OFFICERS FOR ‘06 Ed explained that Augie is burdened with work and must pass the club presidency on to someone else. Dave Engleson, current VP, has also declined. Jack agreed to extend his duty as treasurer for another year, and Bailey agreed to serve as secretary. Who, then, might take over, lead and energize the club? Why not one of our newer members? This prompted Ed to nominate Adam Koller for president and Dave Fisher for vice president. After a brief discussion and in the absence of any other nominations, Koller and Fisher were elected by silent affirmation.

CLUB MEETING VENUE was also discussed. To some, the Edina Public Library seems a bit sterile, formal, “not a happening place.” (though we all agreed the rental price is right). Jack P. will scope out the Byerly’s meeting room, and perhaps have a look at space in the Gander Mountain store. Meanwhile, it will be Edina PL again for the November meeting on the 24th.

The unusually brief meeting ended at 7:45.
Respectfully submitted
Vern Bailey, secretary