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January 16th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

Forty-one members braved the cold evening to attend the first meeting of 2003.

President – Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and thanked the members for trusting him to lead the club this year. Bill then proceeded to introduce the new officers.

Treasurer – Jack Perecman has graciously agreed to be our treasurer for another year. Jack stated that the club is solvent and the current balance is $2,400. He added that the holiday gifts for the flying field owners were the most recent club expenditure. At $400, all present agreed this is money well spent.

Membership – Bob Waldridge will lead up the club membership duties this year along with the radio frequency list and help out with club events as well. Bob stated that membership dues will be $20 again this year and you guessed it… are due. Please make your checks out to MRCSS and send them to Bob if you haven’t already. Thanks

Secretary – David Engleson is the club secretary this year and will take meeting minutes, assist the president with club activities, help Ro Hart with information for the web page, focus on the club’s public visibility, and try not to disappoint Jim Ladwig in the process.

New Business

League of Silent Flight Club Coordinator of the Year – Bill Rakozy presented the meeting goers with an award he received as the League of Silent Flight (LSF) Club Coordinator of the Year. He stated that the award is “really the club’s award” and reflects our active and healthy club. If you are interested in, or wish to learn more about LSF, contact Bill and he will be glad to help. Way to go Bill!

Spring Slope Trip to South Dakota – Emil Weiler discussed the upcoming slope trip to South Dakota with the group and proposed a trip date. An informal vote was taken and May 17th was chosen for the quarterly migration to wind city. Mark your calendars and let Emil know your intentions.

Event Scheduling – Members are asked to post events and dates on the club website as soon as possible. Contact Jack Perecman, Vern Bailey, or Augie McKibben with information and keep an eye on the website for a posting.

North Town Mall Display – Walt Huemmer reported that the mall organizers could not find adequate space for us and the club event has been cancelled.

Ridgedale Library Open House – This event was a success in 2002 and there are plans for a repeat performance this year. A tentative date of March 22 has been set so stay tuned for more information.

F3J Event – A committee was formed to look into hosting the F3J National Team Event. The members in attendance showed overwhelming interest and five sturdy lads stepped forward to consider the implications and logistics of hosting such an event. The committee includes Jack Perecman, Bill Smith, Bill Igoe, Craig Lamatsch, and John Borlog.

Club Area Advisors – Bill Rakozy has initiated a ‘divide and conquer’ style club breakdown to spread the responsibility and make it easy for people to get involved. Here are the volunteers.

Field Safety
Augie McKibben
Public Relations:
Dave Engleson
Launch Boss
Jack Perecman
Emil Weiler
Club Building Projects:
Ed Berris
LSF Club Coordinator:
Bill Rakozy
Bob Waldridge
Summer Picnic:
Dave Fisher
Hotel Accommodations:
Aero Tow:
Bill Jones
Electric Assisted Soaring:
Dave Edmonson
Ro Hart
Contest Schedule:
Vern Bailey, Jack Perecman, & Augie McKibben
Flying Site Committee:
Dave Fisher, Dale Erickson
Pilot Instruction:
John Borlog
Meeting Entertainment:
Ed Berris, Larry Sorenson, & Greg Stewart

If you wish to help out with any of the above let us know.

Old Business

Club Logo – Two club logos where presented and after some discussion an informal vote was taken. The existing ‘gliders in the sun’ logo was retained as the club logo.

Freeze Fly – Jim Ladwig reported six hearty souls took part in the freeze fly and, as you would guess, fun was had by all. Without substantial ice on the lakes, where this event is traditionally fought, the event was staged at Igoe Field for the second consecutive year. Jim went on to remind everyone of the importance of setting up a flying field for safety no matter the number of participants. Note: No flyers were harmed in the making of this event.

Show and Tell

Bill Jones presented an aluminum release mechanism & towline and passed around a nice fuselage release system mock up. Ask Bill for details and get involved with a growing number of our flyers having fun with aero tow.

Dave Edmonson presented a number of his electric powered gliders, batteries, chargers, and power plants. The planes varied in size and configuration and were very well constructed. Thanks Dave.

Greg Stewart presented a very small electric motor called the Razor. I believe he said it costs about $80, is very fast, and can trim hard to reach branches in your yard. For more information give Greg an e-mail. Thanks Greg.

Paul Johnson presented two versions of the “Bug” discus launched micro sailplane. The original built up “ Bug” and the “Carbon Bug”. This ship will be another club building project and Paul estimates the cost at $35 + for the kit of parts. The ship flies great when very few other planes can stay up in the light wind. Thanks Paul.

Kevin Kavaney showed off his beautifully built ‘Legend’ full house sailplane. It features a difficult to build built up wing and can be picked up from Dream Catcher. Looks great Kevin. I can’t wait to see this one fly.

Ib Jensen displayed his slick looking ‘Hyper’ from Arthobby. This 59” wingspan H.L.G. and light slope ship is the big brother of the Colibri and should really make holes in the sky. Ib raved about the kits exceptional quality and fit. For more information about this beauty, contact Ib. Thanks Ib.

Good Lift.