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April 17th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Swap Meet - Before the meeting began many members participated in a swap meet that from all appearances was a great success. Thanks for the suggestion Ed!

Call to Order

Thirty members attended the April meeting along with two guests, Frank Williamson of Burnsville and Tim Folkenson from MARCEE. A new member, Doug Anderson of Minneapolis also was present. Thanks for joining us!

President Bill Rakozy was called away on a top secret…Bill couldn’t join us this night and so Augie McKibben kept everyone in line. Thanks Augie.

Old Business

Membership - Bob Waldridge stated that he has the membership cards with him and if you have not picked yours up from him, please do so.

Intra-Club Fun Fly With MARCEE – Tim Folkenson joined us this evening reporting that a date has been set for the fun fly. August 9th at Jirik Sod Farms. See you there!

New Business

Newsletter – Many members took part in a discussion about the club newsletter. Some felt that the newsletter has been rendered obsolete with the development of our web site that has pages dedicated to articles, photos, events calendar, directions, and more. Others stated that for some time now the newsletter has consisted of only the meeting minutes. Not long ago the newsletter included the meeting minutes, president’s column, articles, cartoons, club flying records, and more. Others felt that members without access to the web, however few, would be left out if the printed newsletter was no longer available. This topic will be brought forward at the next meeting for further discussion and action.

Web Site – The discussion then moved to the web site. Web items batted around included the lack of directions to our monthly meetings (yikes), updating the calendar of events, deleting old information and messages from the site, answering inquiries, passing on information like member passwords and the instructions for joining the Yahoo Group. David Engleson and Bob Waldridge will discuss these items with Ro Hart and work out the problems.

Dome Fly – Tim Folkenson announced another flying event at the Metrodome scheduled for Tuesday, April 22nd from 7 AM to 12 Noon. Check with MARCEE for more information.

April 26th Flying event at Jirik Sod Farms – Augie McKibben will be leading this event so please contact him with any questions and/or to let him know if you plan to participate. Augie plans to use the club laptop along with a program to keep track of the contest. An electric event (9:30-10:30AM) will take place prior to the main event schedule for 10:30 AM. Hope to see you there!

Emil Weiler gave a slope flying update saying that the flying has been very good this year however a few items need to be discussed.

Hagar City – “The site is fantastic, the owner has been equally great, and we need to take special care when flying at Hagar City”, said Emil. “We do not want to do anything to lose this site! Police yourselves, don’t muck-up the field next to the cell tower gravel road, check frequencies with other flyers before turning on your radio, and be more careful when flying”. Ed Berris and Paul Johnson are working on a number of frequency boards for different sites, including Hagar City.

Mounds Park – There has been a few accounts of poor flying at Mounds and according to Emil and Tim Mattson, a citizen will get hurt if the flying habits of a few don’t change. There are too many speed runs, flying around blind corners, and close flyovers. Someone added that by flying this way, the pilot is in effect breaking the basic tenants of the AMA rules, and the AMA will not cover you if an accident occurs.

Kirk Hall discussed his trip to the Toledo model show this year suggesting that if have not been to one these annual events, you would enjoy it.

Augie McKibben closed the meeting and the swap meet continued with extreme prejudice.

Thanks for another good meeting guys!