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May 16th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

Fourteen members attended this months meeting in person while an additional twenty or so of our slope soaring brethren attended in spirit as they were on a distant slope somewhere in South Dakota.

President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming two members back to the fold. Good to see you again Jeff and Tom.

New Business

Web Site – Bill stated that Ro Hart was stepping down as our web master and two other members would be taking up the charge. Bill added that Ro has done a great job in getting our new site up and running over the past year and deserved a great deal of thanks for his effort. All present agreed. Thanks all your hard work Ro! Bill went on to say that Bill Kuhl has kindly volunteered to handle all of the updates to the site, and Chad Towle will be our site designer. Thanks guys! Some of the items to be updated immediately include the events calendar and directions to the meeting site.

Events – Bill Rakozy asked the club members to volunteer for some of the upcoming events. He added that you do not have to be a CD (AMA Contest Director) to run an event.

Old Business

New Flying Site - Bill Rakozy and Earny Harpster stated that the club has permission from the Fricke family (owner), to fly at the new Elk River Site. Bill added that the AMA insurance for the site has been taken care of and he is discussing the concept of purchasing exclusive flying rights for MRCSS. The group went on to discuss the possibility of a shed and a parking area for the field. Bill stated that flying sites are becoming scarce and this site will supplement our current sites and ensure that we have places to fly for the next few years. Thanks Bill.

MARCEE & MRCSS Fun Fly – Augie the date for this event has changed. The event is now scheduled for…

Show and Tell

Jim Ladwig showed off the 100” Wanderer he picked up at the club swap meet in April. Jim cleaned it up and partially recovered portions of the bird to put it back in mint condition. Great job Jim!

David Engleson displayed his new scratch build ME-109G sloper. The wingspan on this two channel foamie is 44 inches and it has yet to fly.


Bill Rakozy began his presentation by reading an e-mail he sent in a sailplane chat room on the Internet asking the question, “Can you roll a RES ship?” He explained that he was amazed by the response and who responded. Many well-known and not so well known glider pilots responded with very detailed and sometimes humorous answers to his question explaining how it can be done. This was a good lesson for Bill and all of us. If you ask questions, people will answer them, and you will learn something. It also makes sense for us to answer the questions of others… and it will strengthen the gene pool… and, well not really. The overwhelming answer to his question was “yes, you can roll a RES ship”.

The next portion of Bill’s presentation was about landing. He went into great detail about how the best pilots make landings, how they set up for landings, practice

Good Lift.