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June 19th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

Sixteen long time members, two returning members, five guests, and two turtledoves attended this months meeting. Good to see John Bittle and Bob Smith again.

President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the meeting.

New Business

Soaring Night – Bill Rakozy and Augie McKibben talked about the first ‘Soaring Night’ programs they hosted. Soaring Night was Bill’s idea for spreading the word to others about our club and hobby and to attract new members. Both events went well for all involved and more will be scheduled this year. This is how it works. An evening is picked for the event by our club and a hobby store manager. The manager then slips a flyer into every bag of merchandise for a week or so before the evening presentation giving the date and time and other information. On the designated night, two or more of our club members bring some of their sailplanes and gear to the store to talk with interested parties about our hobby. They answer questions, explain our hobby, where we fly, and the like. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.” Contact Bill if you would like to volunteer at an upcoming “Soaring Night”.

Events – Bill Rakozy asked the club members to volunteer for some of the upcoming events. He added that you do not have to be a CD (AMA Contest Director) to run an event.

Contest Schedule – Bill passed out copies of the contest schedule to everyone and stated that the web site would soon have an updated contest schedule as well. Currently the schedule is located under “Articles” on the web page.

No Club Meeting in July.

Fall Fly Day and Banquet – Bill proposed a day of flying this fall followed by a banquet in the evening. The crowd seemed interested in the idea so this subject will be discussed further at the next meeting. Stay tuned for more details.

Benevolence Fund – A motion was made and seconded to establish a $100 benevolence fund for club members. The fund is to be run by the officers of the club. If club members wish to contribute to this fund individually, they can contact Jack Perecman and make arrangements.

Safety Report – Augie McKibben reviewed the previous weeks fun fly at Jerik Sod Farm saying that for the most part, the event went off smoothly, however, it did have a few problems. For one thing the flying field was not properly set-up from the start. The landing area was too close to the launching area, parked cars and people. Someone added that on a few occasions people were standing in the middle of the launch area flying their planes not aware that they were between launch lines. All agreed that safety issues need to be reviewed before future events, and fields need to be set up properly by the event director.

Articles – If you would like to write or have written an article for our newsletter and web site, please pass them along to David Engleson. We are asking people to write articles on flying events they have attended, models they have built, or places they flown to post in our newsletter and on our web site. We have a great number of talented people in this club who can pass on some of their knowledge or experiences in a short article. Come on guys!

Old Business

May Trip to South Dakota - Paul Johnson said it was a large group that traveled to Chamberlain this May and the conditions were fantastic. Paul stated that he flew more on that trip than most people fly in an entire year. Sounds like a great trip Paul. Someone from the crowd asked why go all the way to SD to go flying when we have good sites so close. Paul said that you will get 3-4 days of big wind flying, great flying sites, very few trees, good company, and everyone is there to have fun flying. Just ask anyone who has gone and come join us in late September.

Show and Tell

Bob Waldridge discussed a recent trip to Germany and Switzerland where he visited flying sites and a model show. He then passed around pictures of his trip. Looks like it was a great trip Bob. Ask him about it the next time you see him.

Orv Edmonson discussed the two electric assisted soaring events that have taken place this year. Four or five people have taken part in each event and more are planned. Check the calendar for the schedule of events.

Bill Rakozy discussed an article on dual rates for a computer radio and a lively discussion followed. Thanks Bill.

That it for this month, see you at the field or slope!

Good Lift.