Hot Tips!

Here is a link to a series of short videos on YouTube called Hot Tips. Take a look and see what you can you can use.


The meeting was called to order by the president, Bill Rakozy, at approximately 7:03 PM in room 332 of the Edina Community Center.

Before the meeting, Jack Perecman had found there was no room reserved for our club on this date. By negotiating with the attendant, Jack found we could use Room 332 again. Room 351 was in use tonight.

Visitors included long-time (but not current) member Russ Bagley, Brian Swanson (brother-in-law to Augie McKibben), Harry Weiss (MARCEE member employed locally at Lockheed-Martin) and Morrie Walker.

Treasurer Jack Perecman gave a very good report on the state of our finances. Membership Director Bob Waldridge was absent, but Bill Rakozy said we have 91 members on the roster.

Old Business

None was presented.

New Business

Bill Rakozy proposed a method of classifying MRCSS contestants as Novice, Sportsman or Master, depending on contest points earned in the past. Discussion at future meetings is intended.

In order to establish a contest calendar for 2004, Bill Rakozy will appoint a Contest Committee. One purpose is to have many opportunities for our members to achieve LSF goals. Jack Perecman suggested also having pick-up contests arranged at the last minute when weather conditions are favorable. This has been done on some days in 2003.

Future Contests

At Jirik sod farm this Saturday, September 20, Dave Edmonson is CD for an electric sailplane contest. An unlimited motor run event will be flown from 11 AM to 12 Noon and a limited motor run event from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. No response was received for a possible HLG event at the same time.

On October 4 a thermal duration contest for 2meter, Greg Johnson will run open class and RES. Site will probably be Jirik sod farm, possibly at NW Thermal Park near Elk River. Event will be for a goal time with a maximum limit and landing points. Pilots meeting at 10:00 AM, flights from 10:30 to 12:00 and again from 1 PM to 2:30 followed by a barbecue on the field.

Club Equipment

Jack Perecman said this winter he would be overhauling both his winch and that which he has given to the club so they will be ready for use in the spring. Bill Rakozy urged all members to become proficient at winch launching, pointing out that in California high start launches are uncommon. Bill proposes MRCSS have a winch-launch contest in 2004 and Jack observed there are about 9 winches in the club now.


Ed Lethert (???) showed on his spectrum analyzer the output of transmitters brought in by our members. None showed any spurious frequencies in this test, which was not intended to accurately measure the center frequency of the transmitter output. The “beat” frequencies resulting from two and three transmitters operating simultaneously were seen clearly on his screen.

Show and Tell Session

Bill Rakozy showed his Compulsion glass sailplane, which uses 6 JR368 servos. Bill showed how the wing comes with pre-drilled servo pockets and explained ways to mount servos in them.

Robert “Bert” Olson brought his Cavasos (sp?) F20 Tiger Shark, which he bought painted from the factory. The basic composite carbon fiber kit can be purchased for $159 and painting adds considerably to the price.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Ladwig, ex-Secretary of MRCSS.