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Minutes for October 16th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

Thirty members attended the meeting along with guests Maryland Fliesh and Samantha Folkenson. Thanks for joining us!

President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the meeting.

Old Business

Secretary Report – David Engleson stated that the minutes from the September meeting have been posted on the club web site by Bill Kuhl & Chad Towle. The site is looking good and working quite well now thanks to Bill and Chad. Take a look…

Treasurer Report – The club has a current balance of $2,500.14 at this time and we have no large expenditures on the horizon.

New Business

2004 Elections of Club Officers – Bill Rakozy stated that elections are planned for the December club meeting and nominations will be accepted immediately. He added that he has decided to run for a second year and that Augie and Jack would do the same. David Engleson has decided to step aside after the December meeting leaving the position of secretary open for 2004.

Bill Rakozy’s objectives for 2004. Push for more LSF involvement, contest development, club promotion, club tee shirts & hats, get a few more people to attend the AMA / LSF NAT’s, further develop our web site, plan a Soaring Night promotion for each month, and increase the clubs overall piloting skills.

Contest Committee – We are only on the next paragraph and Bill Rakozy has already begun working on next year’s contest schedule. Whew! A contest committee has been formed for 2004 and these guys are going to make it happen. Greg Stinson, Dave Edmonson, Ib Jensen, Vern Bailey, Augie McKibben, Conrad Sowder, and Bill Rakozy. If you are interested in helping these lads out you can join the group by contacting Bill.

Public Relations – David Engleson discussed the idea of approaching our contact at KARE-11 News for possible coverage of the annual Freeze Fly on New Year’s Day. Stay tuned for more information.

Club Projects – Apparently the Super Gee project is almost completed and Ib Jensen reported that work continues on the Genie. For more information on these two projects and others contact Ib or Ed Berris. A full report will be made at the November meeting.

Forgot to mention this at the meeting…while on our trip to South Dakota a conversation took place about a possible new club project. I believe Fred Sanford suggested we make a bulk purchase of the (10) most used small parts such as nylon wing bolts & control horns, gather at someone’s house, (Emil’s), and divide them up in Plano style containers for those involved. Someone also volunteered to make labels for the containers. This sounds like a good idea to me, so if you are interested, lets talk about this more at the November meeting.

Flying Site – Dave Fisher reported that he has been looking at potential flying sites that are roughly 60 miles from the metro area. A 40-acre site is running between $60,000 & $80,000 now and he will keep us posted as he investigates this further. Some discussion of the required size of a flying site continued with most agreeing that a smaller site would work well. Dave Edmondson displayed a drawing of a 16-acre power flying field he had recently visited in Germany as an example of a well laid out flying site.

The discussion then continued around the possible scenario of the club purchasing a site and leasing it back to a sod farmer. Dave encouraged the group to start thinking of other possible and innovative solutions to our dilemma and chart a course. He reiterated that this problem of losing flying fields will not go away so we must address it soon.

On a related note, the club has decided to drop the insurance coverage for the Robinson Sod Farm since the site has been sold and we are no longer able to fly there.


Lost Model Indicators – Chat Towle showed off a lost model indicator from Canterbury Sailplanes and discussed the finer points of device. Thanks Chad! A number of other members fired up their indicators as well for a comparison. The indicators from New Zealand appear to be the best but unfortunately are no longer in production. There was some talk of making indicators as a club project this winter and Ed Berris and his team (Jack Perecman) will let us know what they plan soon. Keep your ears open for more information… sorry.

Slope Update & More – Emil Weiler gave a breakdown of the September Trip to South Dakota and it went something like this. Good weather, great flying, good relations with the ranchers due mostly to another good job by Rob Hurd for keeping us in good stead with the land owners out there. To give you an idea of how good some of our relationships are out there… one of the landowner’s cut a new road for us with his bulldozer. Thanks Rob. Good job Emil! Tim Folkenson showed his video from the summer trip to South Dakota and some clips from the September outing as well. It was fun to see some good footage of Mark Johnson on that earlier trip as well. Thanks for sharing that with us Tim.

Hobby Vision Show in Las Vegas – Emil and Walt Heummer were at this very large show and reported a few industry happenings. Dymond Models moving to San Diego, Hitec has purchased Multiplex… so expect some innovative products soon, and the super-mini servos are here! Walt and Emil reported that the show was very good and worth the trip.

Digital Servos – Emil said digital servos work fantastic. That is all I had on the servos… so if you need more information, Emil is your man.

Local Slope Flying – The flying at Mounds Park and Hagar City has been fantastic lately. The south winds that blow up in the fall make September and October a great time to fly. The lack of leaves on the trees also enhances the conditions. Paul Johnson stated he had a discussion with a gentleman from the Canadian Pacific Railroad who warned against crossing any of the rail lines. He said if you need to retrieve a model that is on or over the tracks he should be contacted. If you fly at Mounds, get the telephone number from Paul, and keep it in your flight box just in case. Good information Paul, thanks.

David Edmonson had a nice PowerPoint presentation of his recent trip to Germany. Dave visited a town’s flying club site and also a slope-flying site while he was there. If you are planning a trip to Germany, feel free to contact Dave for some pointers. Thanks for the show Dave.

Expanding Options for Slope Flyers - Larry Sorenson presented many of his re-engineered slope ships that have been converted to slope flying condition. A couple of his re-creations have been salvaged from the scrap heap to live another day and all of them fly well. One of his examples is an F-14 that he rescued from a power flyer’s garbage can. It flew fantastic on the September trip to South Dakota. (Tim Folkenson showed video of it being bungee launched on the slope). If you have questions about changing a power plane into a sloper, Larry will be glad to help.

Show and Tell

Larry Sorenson & David Engleson presented their scale Red Tailed Hawks that were flown on the South Dakota trip a few weeks before. The Hawks are made from EPP and have an elevator and ailerons for control. Larry’s flew very well, and David had a bit of trouble with the winglets on his. They are producing plans and building instructions for the Hawk and should have them for the November club meeting. David also displayed the side view plan of his next project, a 10-foot long C-5A slope ship that he is building this winter. Yikes!

Bill Kubiak presented his K-3. This beautiful flying wing of his own design has a 100-inch elliptical wing, weighs 54 ounces, and has a wing loading of 5.4 oz/sq.ft. The rudder and ailerons are tied together for coordinated turns. What a work of art Bill! Please send some pictures to Bill Kuhl for posting on the web site for everyone to see. Thanks.

That is it for now… good lift!