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November 20th, 2003 MRCSS Meeting

Call to Order

Twenty-three members attended the meeting on a beautiful late fall evening. Ted Janossy will be joining the club and returning to glider guiding after being away from the sport for a very long time. Look forward to flying with you Ted and I apologize if I misspelled your name. Thanks for joining us!

President Bill Rakozy opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcoming everyone to the meeting.

Old Business

Secretary Report - David Engleson stated that the minutes from the October meeting have been posted on the club web site by Bill Kuhl. If you have any comments or clarifications regarding the minutes, don’t hesitate to contact me. David then stated that he would leave the position of Secretary open for 2004.

Treasurer Report – Jack Perecman was not in attendance at tonight’s meeting but is believed to be in the country at this time.

Membership – Bob Waldridge reported that Harry Ballard has joined the club as a new member. Welcome Harry! Bob added that he is drafting a membership renewal form and will bring it to the December meeting and that he would like to discuss raising membership dues for this coming year at the December meeting as well. Bob then stated that he would leave the position of Membership Director open for 2004. Thanks for all your help this year Bob!

New Business

Getting Permission to Fly From Land Owners – Ed Berris stated that there was an incident this past week on the Gunderson property better known as the Stanton slope that needs to be discussed. The landowner was upset that a club member was on the property without his permission. This member didn’t know the owner would like everyone who flies on his property to check in with him before flying or at least leave a note on his door. Ed added that it appears to be a matter of respect to the landowner as much as anything else. Ed and a few other club members will revisit the rules and expectations of our members when flying on private property. One idea discussed would include documenting the rules for flying at specific sites on our web page for us all to read. This information might also be sent to every member on an annual basis in the form of a letter. Another included producing and posting signs at the slopes with the rules or expectations on them. Ed and his team will meet soon and then make a recommendation to the club. This incident illustrates how easy it would be to lose a good flying site if we are not careful. Stay tuned for more information.

Contest Committee – Bill Rakozy stated that the contest committee had met on November 1st to rough out the event schedule for the 2004 flying season. They will refine the schedule over the next two months and then present it at a monthly meeting. Club members will have a chance to review it at that time and make comments or suggestions. Their goal is to have a complete schedule of flying events for the year, have a great many of them sanctioned by the AMA, get the dates posted in the magazines, and get the complete schedule posted on our web site as soon as possible. Good job guys! We look forward to hearing more about this at the December meeting.

Nomination of Officers – Bill Rakozy and Augie McKiben were both nominated to serve a second term in their respective positions of club president and vice-president for the 2004-year. Kevin Kavaney was nominated for membership director and Vern Baily was nominated for Club secretary as well. Jack Perecman will continue to be our treasurer. Thanks for you dedication guys!

Website – Bob Waldridge presented his design for the website home page incorporating our club logo into the current web page design. Those in attendance liked the design and Bob will work with Bill Kuhl to incorporate it on the web site. Looks good Bob! Thanks!

Treasurer Report Part II – Still no sign of Jack Perecman

Reports from Area Advisors

Public Relations – David Engleson has made contact with KARE and WCCO for possible coverage of the annual Freeze Fly on New Year’s Day. Stay tuned for more information.

Aero Tow – Bill Jones was not present at the meeting tonight, however Willie Allshouse said he and Tim Mattson would like to help Bill out this coming year with an aero tow event or two. We would love to see this, guys!

Club Building Projects – Ed Berris met with the other members who are building the Super Gee after the meeting to discuss their plans in secrecy… I mean, in private, so as not to take up everyone’s time. If you are


Dave Edmonson had a very interesting presentation on the melding of free flight towline gliders with RC sailplanes. Dave is getting back into F1-A free-flight modeling and displayed a 90” model showing us how it works and is built. The multi-colored, highly cambered wings were very elegant. Dave then showed off a similar looking model that he had modified to R/C. This ship had a wingspan of 85” and weighed 14 oz. Thanks for the show Dave. We look forward to seeing them fly next year.

Ib Jensen presented a wide variety of ways to repair sailplanes on the slope. Here is the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of his presentation. Ib first explained how to repair a broken spar in a Zagi. He explained how he cuts the tape or covering at the broken spar and pulls it out enough to slip in a carbon rod splint. The splint is glued in place. Next he cut a larger carbon tube in half and used it like a splint on the outside of the spar. Worked great. Ib’s next example was how to repair a smashed in nose of a Zagi. He explained that sooner or later we all nose in the Zagi until the nose is mush. A quick slope-side fix is to cut the nose clean off with a knife, hot-melt a block of foam in its place, cut & sand to shape, and finally cover. He added that even though hot-melt and fiberglass is a quick repair, it is difficult to cover and does not accept paint very well… but you are in the air.

Ib then showed a number of ways to fix busted up fiberglass fuselages. One of the more interesting fixes included gluing balsa sticks to the sides of the fuselage to align the pieces properly, and then position an epoxy laden Kevlar tube that is placed over a balloon on the end of a tube inside the fuse. (Say that fast three times!) Ib then pumps air into the balloon and clamps the end of the air tube and lets the contraption sit until the epoxy has cured. When he removes the gear from the inside of the fuse and the balsa from the outside, the fix is virtually complete. Fantastic.

There was much more to his presentation than can be related here, so you will just have to talk with Ib the next time you have a repair question. Thanks again Ib for a very good presentation.

Show and Tell

Bill Rakozy presented his Compulsion 3 meter full house sailplane. What a majestic ship! Bill has flown it a few times this fall and loves it. We look forward to watching this bird fly next spring! Thanks Bill.

Ed Berris showed off his new slope ship called the Weasel. He said this $50 kit is a great deal, is well made, builds in a very short amount of time, and flies great. Sounds terrible Ed.

Ed then presented a second sloper called the Heavy Chevy. Just kidding. I missed the name of this one guys. Ed is making a heavy slope ship for the high winds and rough terrain we often encounter out in South Dakota. Ed’s reasoning is that since we almost always have to ballast the models for them to penetrate better when flying in high winds, why not build a heavier, more sturdy plane, that needs little or no ballast. The plane has large plywood spars, a large battery, standard servos, and should come it at 3-1/2 to 4 pounds. Go Ed!

Kevin Kavaney showed off his Zuni that he purchased off of E-bay. The Zuni is a wingeron with elevator and flies a bit differently than the Pixel. Kevin claims it is squirrelly as heck, but fun to fly. Looks like fun Kevin.

This really was a good meeting. That is it for now… good lift!