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Minutes of the January, 2004 MRCSS meeting Jan.15, 2004

32 Members present, 2 visitors

President Bill Rakozy called the meeting to order and explained that availability of the meeting room could best be managed with a shift in next month’s meeting to the 3rd Wednesday, February 18th. All present agreed to that change.

Treasurer Jack Perecman reported in detail the distribution of monetary gifts and thank-you notes to owners of land we regularly use as club flying fields. The total paid out was $550.

Membership director Kevin Kavaney reminded us dues for 2004 were payable. He asked to let him know if there are any changes in your address, telephone, etc. for the club info sheet. Please also provide the name of your spouse or whoever is currently acting in that capacity.

Dave Engleson and Larry Sorenson explained the rationale and the terms of their JSF Challenge issued recently by e-mail. Each provided an example of the cleverly simple aircraft slopers might build during the winter no-fly zone.

Speaking for the Land Acquisition Committee, Augie McKibbon explained a survey was being devised to determine who would willingly join the capital partnership needed to make an effective offer for a club-owned field.

Chad Towle, president of the MARCEE electric flyers, (membership of about 100) explained that most electric flyers manage reasonably well on less spacious sites than do line-launched sailplane flyers, therefore the electric glider flyers may be less than eager to join our club’s capital investment in a more permanent site.

Ed Berris suggested that the combined membership of the two clubs might be useful in persuading officials to let us use a site managed by the State/County Park system.

Members thanked Dave Engleson for his excellent work in setting up the Channel 11 TV news report on our Jan. 1st Freeze Fly. With a glint in his eye, Dave said this year it was only one channel – “Wait till next year.”

Kudos from all for Bob Waldrege’s work in expediting the logo-imprinted club tee shirts. Hurry. Some still available, a bargain at $10 each.

Field Captain Jack Perecman told us his winter plans include adding a new brake, new line, and a wider set of wheels to the club winch kept in the shed at Jirik.

Slope soarers and fellow travelers were reminded that the next session in Chamberlain, S.D. begins May 13, 04. Several members also expressed an interest in Soar Utah, a big time event this summer.

Four members are meeting regularly Wednesdays at the Washburn School, Augie reported, each constructing their version of Harley Michaelis Genie. They promise progress reports.

Dave Edmondson, CD of our electric-powered competitions, handed out an explanation of the two categories and events to be flown as an early-morning adjunct to club TD contests. Dates to be set later this month by the Contest Committee.

Special Reports

Chad provided a show-and -tell of the switch jacks he makes and uses in his models. He handed out a detailed list and source for needed parts along with a diagram for DIY assembly of the Hollyday-like jacks that also serve as low drag power switches.

Emil Weiler explained his system of building a simple, sturdy epoxy servo pocket in the wing of a foam sloper.

The evening’s Main Event was Bill Rakozy’s summary of several essential flight principles. With illustrations and thoughtful explanations, Bill reviewed the concepts of Bernoulli and Newton. He focused on induced/parasitic drag, lift and especially the complex term, angle of attack, as verbal terms for the varied ways we control and talk about the flight characteristics of our balsa and carbon creations.

The official meeting ended at 8:50. The remaining time given to various members’ displays of newly-built models, planes for sale, visual voltage indicators, etc.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 18.