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Minutes of the April, 2004 MRCSS meeting. April 15

April Meeting in Room 351 of Edina Community Center called to order at 7:05 PM by Vice President Augie McKibbon.


Tim Johnson of Shakopee, who has flown free flight models with Dave Edmonson for many years, and Jared (Stilwell?), a friend of Ed Berris.

Old Business

The first South Dakota Slope Trip of 2004 is set for Thursday, May 13. through Sunday, May 16. Most members are staying at the Bridge View Motel, formerly known as the Lakeshore Motel. The second trip will be June 17 through 20. No July or August trips, as the weather is simply too hot. A September trip is likely and will be determined in due time.

New Business

Sod condition at Jirik (east of Farmington) is uncertain, but should be good. Ed Berris will inquire next week. Approval has been received to go ahead and use the Fricke Sod Farm near Elk River.

Bill Jones reported the Aerotow group had a good meeting and has set June 5 at Fricke Sod Farm for the Aerotow Fun Fly. All MRCSS members are invited to bring their 2 meter or 1-1/2 meter gliders for piggy-back launches, or simply come and watch the aerotowing of the large scale model sailplanes.

Augie McKibben handed out the calendar proposed by the Contest Committee for review by the members tonight. This was the work of Vern Bailey, Ib Jensen, Bill Rakozy, Conrad Sowder and Greg Stinson. After discussion, Dave Edmonson moved and Ed Berris seconded that the proposal be formally accepted. Motion passed. Augie said the document will be a work inprogress, and may be modified as conditions require.

The approved contest schedule includes:

Builder's ChallengeJirik Sod FarmApril 24
May FlyJirik Sod FarmMay 15
The Big One Elk River
June 12 and 13
Mid Summer JamJirik Sod FarmJuly 10
Dog DaysElk RiverAugust 14
September JolliesJirik Sod FarmSeptember 11
Final 04Elk RiverOctober 9


Treasurer Jack Perecman reported that all membership dues have recently been deposited and that the balance in the treasury is right where it should be at this time of the year.

Dave Edmonson announced there will be an electric event at the April 24fun fly at Jirik Sod Farm.

As a Safety Report, Emil Weiler told of his recent experience with a bad transmitter battery which had an intermittent internal connection which was located by applying pressure to the battery pack. He said he was advised there was also a possibility the connector inside the Hitec transmitter might have an intermittent connection, which was found to be correct. Emil advises you check both the battery and the transmitter for intermittent connections before your first flight this year.

Show and Tell

Dave Edmonson brought a short kit for a Mirage sailplane, sold by member Mark Miller of Isthmus Products. All the tricky parts for the model are included. Builder must furnish the simple wooden parts. Dave also said that Mark is offering a special price on the Hitec Eclipse transmitter of $195 each if purchased in lots of 10 transmitters. MRCSS group buy?

Ib Jensen showed his latest Super G discus-launch glider. He described a new method he is using to increase the rigidity of the wing and another new method which uses a balloon in forming the pod. See Ib for details.

Jack Perecman showed a small-size frequency board which he proposes for use at informal flying sessions when there are not enough fliers to justify going over to the MRCSS locker to get the club frequency board. Jack also demonstrated his new 9-channel Multiplex synthesized transmitter for which he made a very neat fold-up transmitter holder with neck strap. Jack says his flying is now much improved using thumb and forefinger as compared to thumb alone.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM so the Swap Meet could begin.

Jim Ladwig, Secretary pro tem