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Minutes of MRCSS Meeting October 2004

Following the introduction of three visitors/prospective members – Burt Jones, Mike Glaser and Denny Potts — President Bill Rakozy modified the usual order of discussion to begin with important reminders relating to every club “fun fly.”

Fun Flys are non-sanctioned and often casual, spur-of-the-moment gatherings most often at the Jirik site. These events nevertheless need some regulation: use of a frequency board, awareness of safety guidelines, etc. Bill suggested that for those Fun Flys we schedule (since they often attract large numbers of flyers) we need to have an assigned supervisor. After brief discussion there was general agreement that, when possible, a member be assigned a fun-fly supervisory role for calendar-listed events.

To ohs and wows, Bob Waldridge displayed and explained his magnificent 5.4 meter scale Reiher sailplane. From the time he placed the order, it has taken almost a year to solve purchasing problems, assemble the parts, and install the controls. Bob will likely not fly this beauty until the June JR towing event near Chicago next June. We were impressed.

Dues Increase. The principal item of the evening, an increase in club dues, was then addressed. The secretary read a summary of the rather lengthy dues discussion that took place at the September meeting. President Bill then circulated copies of the following proposal:

  1. Dues be raised from $20 to $40 per year (Jan 1 to Dec 31)
  2. Payment received from current member after Dec 31 will Incur a $10 late fee ($40+10= $50).
  3. Seniors (age >62) will pay $25 per year. Late fee applies.
  4. New members part-year fee: Jan-June $30, July-Dec $30
  5. Club officers are dues-exempt while in office.
  6. Payment by check only, given or mailed to club treasure.

The motion was seconded and a lively discussion followed. It soon became apparent that we needed to know more budget details – the current bank balance and a breakdown of recent expenditures if we were to deliberate wisely the needed dues increase. Unfortunately, treasurer Jack Perecman could not attend tonight’s meeting, so budget questions could not be resolved.

The Rakozy motion was eventually tabled and a committee formed to meet with Jack Perecman to clarify categories and amounts spent during the past year or two. With this information in hand, we will continue and hope to resolve the dues discussion at our next meeting, November 18.

This ad hoc committee, composed of Dave, John, and Bert will try to come up with a budget the assigns proposed amounts for annual club costs, including payments for site usage.

Show and tell ended the night with Bill showing his new JR 9303 transmitter, Augie displaying his RES Soprano (available from club member Mark Miller) and Ib explaining the virtues of his Shrike.