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Minutes of the March, 2004, MRCSS meeting. Mar. 18

27 present

In the absence of President Bill, our able veep, Augie McKibben, called the group to order at 7 p.m. with introductions of two visitors.

A quick survey revealed there was no urgent old business, be so Augie invited an informal set of discussions prompted by those who had reports, questions or announcements as follows:

Greg Stinson, club librarian, announced acquisition of two new DVDs on vacuum-bagging and composite construction. He urged members who check-out books or tapes to return them at the next meeting.

Ed Berris reminded us of the upcoming So., Dakota slope trip and explained that the “home base” motel has a new owner who seems reasonable and amiable. Room prices remain the same as before.

Paul Johnson described the recent visit to the Torrey Pines slope in California. Paul and Emil found time during business trips to visit this well-known seaside slope.

Kevin Kavaney provided a membership report: About 30% have paid 2004 dues.

Dave Engleson reminded us to send our best digital photos to the web page.

Larry Sorenson suggested we consider including a “Swap Meet” at our next meeting. After several affirming comments, Ed Berris moved we schedule a Swap event for the April meeting. Unanimously approved.

Several members suggested the club might want to schedule an “aerotow fun-fly” sometime this spring. Since this would undoubtedly include members not present, any action was deferred. Members were advised to watch for further developments to be announced on e-mail.

Our business concluded, we turned to Show-Tell presentations

LARRY SORENSON –The use of kraft paper (brown paperbag material) as strong, relatively easy covering matrix was explained by Larry Sorenson. Strips of this paper, wetted with a 50-50 white glue and water solution when laid over a foam wing or fuselage can result in a strong, easy-to-work and inexpensive skin.

AUGIE MCKIBBEN drew ohs and ahs as he passed around the 144” Genie wing he has been building. Based on such beautiful work, some of us wonder if he is not the secret, illegitimate son of Fred Sage.

KEVIN KAVANEY displayed his original CPK sloper based on the Mike Martindale “Pixel.” Kevin’s swift sloper is a Carbon and Kevlar craft built around a ball-bearing, slop-free axle that allows wing pivots to provide complete control.

As a sequel to the display of his massive C5A foam sloper last month, DAVE ENGLESON showed the huge cone shaped rear section and tail surfaces for this mammoth, audacious project. Will it fly? Stay tuned.

By this time the room was so full of convivial conversation most of us barely heard Augie declare the meeting adjourned at 8:15.

Your humble secretary, Vern Bailey.