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Minutes of the April 24, 2008 MRCSS Meeting

Vern Bailey could not attend, so here are my recollections (P. Johnson)

Call to Order

President Dave Engleson called the meeting to order shortly after 7:00 pm.

Old Business

Dave recapped the soaring PowerPoint slideshow he and Adam Koller presented at the U of M recently. More than 25 grad and undergrads were in attendance. They discussed model soaring as well as full-scale soaring. They generated 3 interested parties and tons of questions. The presentation will be made available to the club at large through the website.

Dave is also in contact with a Civil Air Patrol squadron. A great idea, as model building is part of the advancement of cadets. If you know of any groups that would be interested in a presentation, please let the board know.

Membership Report

There are about 50 paid members. Discussion for cutting unpaid members from the email list has been tabled. We want y'all in the club! If you don't send in your dues, we'll assume you don't like us. Don't do that.

There was a motion to have half price membership for full time students. Motion passed. Question for further debate: Shall the club accept AMA's ParkFlyer membership as adequate?

Library report

Paul Johnson is handling the (heavy) library. It is present at all meetings. Donations are strongly encouraged. Share your library with the club.

New Business

Vern is the CD for the Jirik Spring Tune-up. Al Nephew is talking about holding a Gambler & handlaunch contest May 4. South Dakota Trip is May15. All roads are in good condition out there.


Steve Leitgen presented some tools and shortcuts, to wit: by affixing a loop of string to the fuselage and then along the underside of the wing along the spar and then perhaps another 1/4 to 1/3 the half wing span out, you can "string launch" discus style a plane with weak wings. In essence Steve has converted a classic Javelin launch to a discus launch. A great way to get your Zephyr, Monarch or other light handlaunch in the air. Contact Steve for more info.

Steve showed how to make a control horn for light aircraft from spectra and carbon rod. This is also how Scobie Puchtler designed the control horns in the famous Red Herring.

Next he demonstrated the use of thin Teflon tubing inserted directly into the nozzle of your CA bottle. A great way to accurately direct the adhesive. You can get Teflon tubing from Bob Smith and others. It is also available at local hobby shops.

Finally Steve showed the use of an archers glove to save wear n' tear on your discus launch hand.

Show N' Tell

Dave showed off his 60" red Swift. This model was purchased on ebay by Kevin K. and was in very poor condition. Kevin donated to Dave, knowing his love of engineering and craftsmanship would be the models only salvation from the trash bin. Beautifly restored with Swiss markings, the bird is ready to fly. Dave cut new wings, extending the planform and repaired the fuselage parts into one nice looking plane.

Kevin showed his 8-pound 3 meter Pilatus he purchased from Simmons in San Diego. This 20 year old German kit previously flew at Torrey. Kevin replaced the canopy latch system with hidden magnets and a detailed pilot with hand crocheted outfit and installed a Maxx Products LED switch for safety.

Dave Edmonson showed his F1A sailplanes and custom wood crate that carries up to 12 models and is no larger than a double gun case. F1A sounds more complicated than any class I've heard of before.

Meeting was adjourned, and a number of folks went to Sandy's Tavern to talk gliders over suds.

Respectfully submitted by Paul Johnson in lieu of Vern Bailey, Club Secretary.