Hot Tips!

Here is a link to a series of short videos on YouTube called Hot Tips. Take a look and see what you can you can use.

Aerotow Soaring

Aerotow is a form of thermal duration soaring where the sailplane is towed to altitude behind a powered aircraft. This is the way that most full-scale sailplanes become airborne and it is also quite popular with folks who fly large radio controlled models. We have a handful of members who are active in this part of the hobby and they try to get out and fly weekly during the Summer months.

Several club members have 1/4 scale or larger tugs for towing up sailplanes. These folks are more than happy to introduce new or current members to this exciting form or soaring. If you have questions contact our aerotow coordinator for more information.

Popular Models

Following are two lists of models. One includes those which are especially well suited to new modelers, while the other lists some of todays most popular models that are flown by the advanced or competitve pilot.

Beginner Models

Advanced Models

Foam More suggestions coming soon.


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Aerotow 1
Aerotow 1
Aerotow 1

Aerotow photo galleries: